Nick Sampson, Mark Reuss.

Nick-Sampson“Tesla and Elon Musk have created something we should all applaud them for.”

Nick Sampson, senior vice president at Faraday Future, says that while Tesla serves as a role model, the new start-up is looking to get its first EVs on the market much faster than Tesla did.

Mark-Reuss“If you are a slave to monthly sales, you will give up your long-term vision of what you think the future will be. And we did that [with the EV1]. We had the first electric car. And we didn’t follow it up. Think of where we would be today if we hadn’t done that. And I remind people who weren’t in the company or are younger. I say, we are not going to make the mistake again.”

As GM is gearing up to introduce the Chevy Bolt, Global Product Chief Mark Reuss remembers the EV1, which was introduced exactly 20 years ago. Judging by his words, GM is in the EV business for the long haul.


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