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May 15, 2017 - 07:58 am

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2,500 charge points for Flanders: The Belgium province plans a whole network of EV charging stations within the next four years. 2,500 shall be erected and Allego now received an order over 1,044 of those charge points. The Dutch provider has inaugurated the first already and hopes to get another 644 ready still this year.
brusselstimes.com, allego.eu

220 charge points but fast-charging ones meanwhile go to Argentina, where state-owned Oil company YPF reportedly wants to reutilise its petrol stations. It chose ABB as its supplier and the company is to deliver 220 multi-standard DC chargers for 110 locations this year. QEV Argentina will install them.

Talking oil turning electric: Shell released details on its plans to charge its pit stops in the UK and the Netherlands. Dutch EV drivers will find a chance to rejoice at 15 – 20 Shell stations across the country before the year’s end. The first ten charging stops will concentrate on the Randstad area.

Green fleet: Montgomery County, Maryland has purchased 16 Chevrolet Bolts that will be used by the municipal agencies for various tasks. They are replacing 15 older vehicles including a Toyota Prius. The County now has a total of 243 electric and hybrid vehicles with 29 charging stations.

East Coast supercharged: Tesla unveiled its latest Supercharger station at the Connecticut Post mall. With 14 charging stalls, it becomes the largest facility on the East Coast.

Oct 28, 2015 - 09:22 am

London, Eurotunnel, EVCA, Tasmania, Montgomery County.

Plug-in Black Cabs will be mandatory from 2018 as Transport for London (TfL) has announced that licensed taxis will then need to be ‘zero emission capable’. Yet, the London cabbies will not be left alone in the endeavour to clean the air in the British capital. Mayor Boris Johnson and TfL have secured 65m pounds of funding to achieve a target of 9,000 taxis that meet the new conditions by 2020.
eandt.theiet.org, getwestlondon.co.uk

Chargers at channel: On the English side of the Eurotunnel, four Tesla Superchargers have been installed. They join two universal chargers at the Victor Hugo Terminal in Folkestone, Kent. The same installation can be found since June on the French side of the channel.

The Electric Vehicle Charging Association (EVCA) was set up by ABM, ChargePoint, Clean Fuel Connection, Envision Solar, EV Connect, NRG EVgo, Plugless Power, SeaWave Battery and Volta. The collective aim of the not-for-profit trade organisation is to increase EV acceptance through innovation in charging technology. Its first action is the publication of the “State of Charge” report.
theautochannel.com, evassociation.org (State of Charge, PDF)

Isolated EV pilot: Tasmania’s government plans to launch a pilot project by the end of this year that involves 19 electric vehicles. The remote island state aims to assess the green cars potential to protect its citizens from fuel price shocks.

Park & Charge: The Montgomery County Department of Transportation is installing EV charging stations at five County-owned parking garages this month. Three such stations that serve two EV each were installed in other locations earlier this year with more to follow.

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