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May 22, 2017 - 09:25 am

OSVehicle, Kamag, Visedo, Sisu Auto, SolarStratos.

OSVehicle introduces modular EV: Known for its open source platform Tabby, the company presents a self-driving EV called EDIT. Its modular design shall attract B2B clients (e.g. car sharing providers or delivery services) as the car is easily adaptable to different usage requirements. That also applies to the interior space with its autonomous driving tech reaching from level 1 to 5.
charged.io, geekreply.com, osvehicle.com

E-Wiesel-AGV-300x150Headless shuttle for heavy loads: Kamag introduced its E-Wiesel AGV pallet, an autonomous electric transporter that lacks a driver’s cab and thus can be loaded from both sides with up to 30 tonnes. Navigation is handled through sensor technology and loading and unloading is automated too.

Hybrid power for heavy trucks: The Finnish companies Visedo and Sisu Auto developed a hybrid electric power system for the heavy road transport sector. The parallel hybrid drive relies on an electric motor as well as a diesel engine and shall provide up to 850kW and more than 5000Nm torque.

Insights of Elektra-2: The SolarStratos project reported the maiden flight of its ultra-light solar aircraft two weeks ago and now has details. Weighing 420 kilo with a wing span of 25 metres, Elektra-2 uses technology from the DLR spin-off Elektra-Solar. It aims to fly 20 km high with a payload of up to 100 kg.

Jan 13, 2017 - 09:15 am

OSVehicle, Isabellenhütte, Aisin Group, Scienlab.

EV hardware platform: Italian company OSVehicle presented the second generation of its open source platform Tabby, used for the development of electric vehicles. Tabby is a two-seater hardware platform that is made available with and without battery pack.

Increased voltage withstand capability: Isabellenhütte unveiled its further developed measurement system IVT-S, which designed for an increased voltage withstand capability in traction batteries in EV and stationary energy storage. The metering system has a maximum voltage withstand capability of 1,000 Volt.
isabellenhuette.de (in German)

New transmissions: Global manufacturer Aisin Group has developed three new transmissions for the global market, including a hybrid transmission. The multi-stage THS II RWD is said to be the first hybrid transmission for a rear wheel drive vehicle.

New partners: Scienlab announced that it has been selected by BMW to serve as strategic partner and help with the development of electric components for upcoming EV and hybrid models. The carmaker is said to invest in testing lab to research and develop i.e. energy storage devices and inverters.

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