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Jun 30, 2017 - 07:56 am

Pasquale Romano, Phil Ting.

Pasquale_Romano_100x100px“The diesel problem is a big opportunity but there is no way to clean up the environment without electric power. This is the end of the line for fossil fuels.”

ChargePoint CEO Pasquale Romano, who also said that U.S. operations will be profitable from next year. Europe is yet hard to predict but new partners are coming on board (see below).

Phil-Ting“As Donald Trump wants to go back to the future and bring back coal and gas, […] our clean vehicle initiative here in California wants to ensure that we will have clean and green transportation, that is cheap and accessible for everyone, and ensure that California will be an environmental leader.”

San Francisco Assemblyman Phil Ting on California’s attempt (see news above) to pump up e-mobility once more. They gotta go it alone, in other words.

Sep 9, 2016 - 08:32 am

Pam Fletcher, Pasquale Romano, Freeman Shen.

Pam-Fletcher“Charge times are never short enough, but if you look at the way people use the cars, even in the shared space, the charge times do not become so onerous.”

Pam Fletcher, GM’s leading electric-vehicle engineer, says that even though the Bolt still needs 90 minutes to fast-charge, the number of times the battery will actually be at 0 percent will be rare and drivers can also plan to charge on their fixed routes.

Pasquale-Romano“It won’t be long before drivers start suffering from ‘gas anxiety’, not range anxiety.”

ChargePoint CEO Pasquale Romano says the growing network of EV charging stations will cure range anxiety for EV drivers. He also hopes that a rise in petrol prices will reverse the current trend and push people away from combustion engines to electric alternatives.

Freeman-Shen“I don’t think traditional car companies are doing well selling cars, especially with their customer experience. With smart, connected cars, I believe I can change that.”

While Freeman Shen, founder and CEO of Chinese start-up WM Motor, himself didn’t want to go into detail, insiders say that he looking to sell cars mostly online and only set up a limited number of actual showrooms.


May 27, 2015 - 08:51 am

Adalberto Maluf, Pasquale Romano, Cosmin Laslau.

Adalberto-Maluf-Filho“Brazil has the second-largest bus market in the world. And we believe in Brazil’s potential to consolidate its position as one of the largest markets for clean energy.”

We here happily follow the logic of Adalberto Maluf, director of marketing and governmental affairs for BYD in Brazil, where the Chinese company plans to erect two facilities as well as the delivery of 300 electric cabs to the city of Rio de Janeiro.

Pasquale-Romano“Every market we look at that stations get put in, car penetration tends to follow it very directly.”

For Pasquale Romano, CEO of ChargePoint, the chicken / egg problem has a clear solution: charging infrastructure comes first and electric cars will follow. He therefore welcomes Kansas City’s plan to build up to 1,000 EV charging stations by this summer.

Cosmin-Laslau“We are forecasting that Panasonic and Tesla will probably be the cost leader in the industry. They’re really trying to push for the biggest battery factory that the world has ever seen. But certainly LG Chem will be nipping at their heels.”

Cosmin Laslau, analyst at Lux Research, on the advanced battery maker industry of the rather near future. He predicts lithium-ion batteries could be sold for 172 dollar per kilowatt hour by the year 2025, at least by the above mentioned market leaders.

Feb 12, 2015 - 09:28 am

Mark Walker, Pasquale Romano, Fast Company.

Mark-Walker“London has not got its act together on electric vehicles. There’s a real lack of clarity at the moment as to what London wants to achieve with EVs and what infrastructure you need to provide to make that happen.”

Mark Walker, UK Managing Director of the car-sharing service Zipcar, on what he finds a rather chaotic regulatory situation in the British capital. It remains indeed unclear, who is to take responsibility for London’s 1,300 charge points.

Pasquale-Romano“PG&E’s proposal will hamper the industry, is bad for ratepayers, bad for EV drivers and bad for California’s emissions reduction goals.”

In the eyes of Pasquale Romano, CEO of ChargePoint, Pacific Gas and Electric’s plan to erect 25,000 charge points in the Golden state is a monopolistic threat rather than a blessing.

anonym“While other automakers are experimenting with fuel cells as niche vehicles, Toyota is the only one to engineer a global release, making all of its fuel-cell components in house.”

It was the Mirai FCV that convinced the Fast Company magazine to include the Japanese carmaker in its list of the 50 most innovative companies.

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