Sep 9, 2016 - 08:32 am

Pam Fletcher, Pasquale Romano, Freeman Shen.

Pam-Fletcher“Charge times are never short enough, but if you look at the way people use the cars, even in the shared space, the charge times do not become so onerous.”

Pam Fletcher, GM’s leading electric-vehicle engineer, says that even though the Bolt still needs 90 minutes to fast-charge, the number of times the battery will actually be at 0 percent will be rare and drivers can also plan to charge on their fixed routes.

Pasquale-Romano“It won’t be long before drivers start suffering from ‘gas anxiety’, not range anxiety.”

ChargePoint CEO Pasquale Romano says the growing network of EV charging stations will cure range anxiety for EV drivers. He also hopes that a rise in petrol prices will reverse the current trend and push people away from combustion engines to electric alternatives.

Freeman-Shen“I don’t think traditional car companies are doing well selling cars, especially with their customer experience. With smart, connected cars, I believe I can change that.”

While Freeman Shen, founder and CEO of Chinese start-up WM Motor, himself didn’t want to go into detail, insiders say that he looking to sell cars mostly online and only set up a limited number of actual showrooms.


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