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Jun 20, 2017 - 08:22 am

Nissan + DBT, Emmy, Istanbul, PonyCar, California.

Nissan upgrades to 150 kW charging in Europe together with infrastructure partner DBT. The French company has installed more than 2,100 quick charging stations in 36 European countries since 2013 and now received an order from Nissan to prepare these stops for 150 kW charging capacity. Additionally, DBT will deliver its fast-charging stations with both CCS and CHAdeMO standard as announced earlier, and first deliveries are set for September. Nissan’s new found focus on 150 kW has obviously to do with the upcoming Nissan Leaf although its charging capacity remains undeclared. Furthermore, the CHAdeMO association recently announced to get its infrastructure network ready to charge with up to 150 kW, following similar preparatory moves made by CCS initiative CharIN.
insideevs.com, avere-france.org, dbtcev.fr (both in French)

Emmy about to start in Hamburg: Berlin-based Emmy (formerly eMio) expands its electric scooter sharing from Berlin to Germany’s second biggest city, Hamburg. 50 electric powered scooters have been rolled out by now and an additional 150 units are to follow within weeks. According to Hamburger Abendblatt, 500 users have already registered, and Emmy plans to target a third metropolis, most probable Munich, soon. The sharing service works with a mobile phone app and scooters of Spanish manufacturer Torrot. User pay 19 cents per kilometre with two helmets to be found underneath the seat.
abendblatt.de (in German)

Electric taxis in Istanbul: Istanbul’s Beyoğlu Municipality and the city’s Chamber of Taxi Drivers officially welcomed the first electric powered taxis that have hit the roads of Turkey’s bustling metropolis. More Renault Zoe will follow before the year’s end, swelling the fleet’s size to 500 to 600 EVs.
hurriyetdailynews.com, news.xinhuanet.com

PonyCar races ahead: Chinese EV rental firm PonyCar raised 22m dollars just few days ago but plans to launch up to 10,000 EVs vehicles in China’s first-tier cities within a year. The company’s move comes as competitors like Gofun Chuxing and EVCARD are fighting for bigger market shares.

Funds for 9 new H2 stations in CA: The California Energy Commission supports the expansion of the H2 refueling infrastructure network in the Golden state. Thus, 17m dollars have been approved to erect nine new hydrogen stations, five of them in SoCal.
greencarcongress.com, energy.ca.gov are

Jun 15, 2017 - 07:41 am

Scotland, GM, California, PonyCar, Burlington.

Scotland boosts electric transport: 8.2m pounds in funding for electric and low carbon vehicles have just been made available through the Scottish government. Individuals and businesses may apply for interest-free loans and for the first time electric motorbikes, scooters and trucks can be obtained through the fund as well.
fleetworld.co.uk, smarthighways.net

Autonomy drive: GM has added another 130 Chevy Bolt to the self-driving fleets in San Francisco, Scottsdale and Detroit. The numbers now add up to 180 and GM praises itself as mass producer of autonomous EV for the GM Cruise project, formerly the Cruise Automation start-up.
autoblog.com, electrek.co

SoCal ports climate-friendly: The mayors of Los Angeles and Long Beach signed a joint declaration for zero emissions goods movement at their twin ports of San Pedro Bay. The Clean Air Action Plan (CAAP) will also include an electric drayage truck pilot programme and clean tech investments.
portoflosangeles.org, greencarcongress.com

China EV rental firm raises 22m: PonyCar has raised 22m dollars in Series B funding led by Huiyou and Oppo. The EV rental platform runs operations in Shenzhen and Guangzhou and has deployed about 2,000 electric cars as well as hundreds of EV charging stops.

Rebate for PHEV: Utility Burlington has added plug-in hybrids to its EV incentive scheme, reportedly started two weeks ago. The 600 dollar rebate will be available to customers through the end of 2017.

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