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Mar 11, 2015 - 09:21 am

BMW & LG Chem, Hyundai, Greece, Motivo, Rogue Rovers.

New battery partner for BMW? According to industry insiders, BMW and LG Chem will sign a deal for the delivery of 48 volt batteries for BMW’s hybrid vehicles in the first half of 2015. Since 2009, Samsung SDI has been the carmaker´s exclusive supplier of battery packs for the all-electric i3.

Hyundai Tucson hybrid details: The Hyundai Tucson plug-in concept presented at the Geneva Motor Show combines a 1.7 litre diesel engine with a 50 kW electric motor. The system has a combined output of 180 hp (135 kW). Hyundai’s 48V Hybrid concept also features a diesel engine.

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Greece blocks H2-vehicle: University students from Crete have developed a small hydrogen-fuelled car with a range of up to 434 kilometres. The vehicle is more or less ready for serial production and could cost less than 10,000 euros (10,700 dollars). But the Greek government does not consider it street legal and is blocking serial production as well as potential investors.
greekreporter.com, geeksnack.com

Electrifying agriculture: Motivo Engineering has developed an electric tractor for farmers in India, which can be charged via solar or standard power means and also be used as a power source. Rogue Rovers meanwhile presented its prototype of an electric utility vehicle for farmers and vineyard operators called “FarmDogg,” which is equipped with two 5 kW hub motors.
dailybreeze.com (Motivo), bbc.com (Rogue Rovers)

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Most clicked link on Tuesday was the BYD E5, the Chinese carmaker´s second all-electric model.

Dec 18, 2014 - 09:30 am

Scania, Rogue Rovers, Graphene ESD, Lithium-sulfur.

Scania-ElektrobusScania to charge inductively: Together with the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Scania will be testing a plug-in hybrid bus in the Swedish city of Södertälje from June 2016. The bus is based on the Scania Citywide and will be charged inductively at a bus stop.
greencarcongress.com, scania.com

Autonomous electric ATV: Rogue Rovers from Oregon has completed a prototype of an autonomous EV which could be used in agriculture to i.e. apply pesticides without a human driver. Potential customers could start testing the electric ATV by January.

Supercap investment: Lomiko Metals will invest in a new venture named Graphene Energy Storage Devices. Graphene ESD has been formed to commercialize graphene-based supercapacitor technology.
digitaljournal.com, greencarcongress.com

Lithium-Sulfur research: Researchers from Cambridge and Beijing have devised a three-dimensional hierarchical sandwich-type graphene sheet sulfur/carbon composite to address performance-related issues in Lithium-sulfur batteries such as low efficiency and capacity degradation.
greencarcongress.com, alphagalileo.org

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Most clicked link on Wednesday was the new electric mini bus service that now travels through the Old Town of Geneva, Switzerland.

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