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Jun 24, 2016 - 09:04 am

Can-Am Spyder, PostBus Schweiz, Route 66, Li-sulphur batteries.

Electric tricycle from Canada: A team from the University of Sherbrooke presented a three-wheeled electric motorcycle concept at the EVS 29. The Can-Am Spyder comes with a 16 kWh battery pack and has a range of 170 km – apparently without having to compromise on performance.
powersportsbusiness.com, youtube.com (Video)

PostAuto-Schweiz-NavyaAutonomous buses: PostAuto Schweiz has kicked off on street testing of two self-driving electric mini buses. Until October 2017, they will chauffeur residents and visitors without a driver, pedals or steering wheel. During the testing phase, the buses will go a maximum of 20 kph and there will be safety personnel on board.
postandparcel.info, post.ch

Solar-powered Route 66: Part of the legendary U.S. highway will be fitted special solar panels installed directly on the asphalt. The energy won could be used for i.e. charging stations of EVs.

Li-sulphur batteries: Researchers at the University of Western Ontario and Canadian Light Source are working on making lithium-sulphur batteries more safe. They are betting on a newly developed coating technique called molecular layer deposition (MLD) technology.

Dec 1, 2014 - 09:43 am

Volkswagen, Route 66, Seattle, Winnipeg, 360 Eco-Loop, Panasonic.

The Charge & Fuel card is a new initiative by Volkswagen. Together with an app, customers of VW and Audi will be able to charge their hybrids or EVs at more than 1,200 German charging stations by RWE, EnBW, and Ladenetz.de and to refuel them at around 10,800 stations in the network of UTA. Payments are taken at the end of the month while charging will be free in the first six months.

Route 66 to be electrified: Charging stations will be installed along parts of the Mother Road. Eight cities in Illinois, namely Plainfield, Dwight, Pontiac, Normal, Lincoln, Springfield, Carlinville and Edwardsville will install at least one fast charger each. Time for Harley’s LiveWire to hit the road…
daily-chronicle.com, myjournalcourier.com

Seattle is to follow California’s lead on promoting the use of EVs, as Governor Jay Inslee voices his ideas to explore tax breaks and the use of car pool lanes. Furthermore, Seattle is to get more EV charging stations and developers will be encouraged to include EV fast charge points in their planning.
thestate.com, khq.com

First e-bus in Winnipeg: The Canadian town has started its regular electric bus service on a 40-km route. A total of four New Flyer Xcelsior electric buses will be operated by Winnipeg Transit for a four year test period and charged via a roof mounted pantograph at the Winnipeg Richardson Airport.
newswiretoday.com, winnipegfreepress.com

Philippine electric shuttles: Electric Vehicle Expansion Enterprise (EVEEI) and Filinvest Land launched the ‘360 Eco-Loop’ in Filinvest City, a commercial business district in southern Metro Manila. Ten EVs stop at 26 pick-up points every ten minutes. By the end of next year, the shuttle service is to expand to include 40 so-called e-Jeepneys.
gmanetwork.com, mb.com.ph, manilastandardtoday.com

Panasonic opens Smart City: The ‘Fujisawa Sustainable Smart Town’ at the outskirts of Tokyo is designed to generate its own energy, also used to power various EVs and e-bikes. Due for completion by 2018, the city will include the ‘Car Life Lab’ where EVs can be test driven as early as this month.
news.panasonic.com, panasonic.net

Feb 3, 2014 - 09:51 am

AeroVironment, Route 66, Tesla.

Portable compact charger: AeroVironment introduced the TurboCord, a portable charging cordset. TurboCord is available in a 240-volt only version for 599 dollars or as dual mode for 649 dollars. The compact charger plugs directly into the socket and gathers all miniaturised electronics in a box right at the wall end of the cord.

Electric Route 66: The Historic Electric Vehicle Foundation (HEVF) entertains the idea of installing EV charging stations along the legendary highway also dubbed the ‘Mother Road.’ However, the project is at a very early stage as no details are yet known on who might pay for or install the chargers.

West-to-east-trip complete: Two Tesla teams have just completed a cross-country journey with the Model S going from Los Angeles to New York. Thanks to the network of Tesla’s Superchargers it took them only 76,5 hours to cover almost 3,500 mi.


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