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Sep 7, 2020 - 02:12 pm

Stellantis can choose from three EV platforms

The planned merger of the car companies PSA and FCA under the name Stellantis will apparently be able to rely on three electric car platforms. In addition to the existing platforms eCMP and eVMP, according to a new report from Italy, a base developed by FCA will also trade for larger electric cars.



May 31, 2018 - 01:53 pm

From Hummer to electric cars – SF Motors retools factory

EV startup SF Motors will invest 160 million dollars in refurbishing a former Hummer factory in Indiana to build its own electric cars. The factory will be able assemble the SF Motors SUVs in their entirety, including battery pack and welding. Trials may run this year.



Dec 12, 2017 - 02:37 pm

Chinese Sokon group to erect battery plant

The Sokon Industry group owns Californian EV start-up SF Motors and plans now also to enter the market for batteries and other EV components. Part of the roadmap is also the installation of a 5.2 GWh battery plant.

Jul 3, 2017 - 08:22 am

SF Motors, Fisker, Nissan, BMW i, Mahindra, Volvo.

Redemption of sorts: The Hummer gives way to electric cars and where AM General once made that quasi-tanks for “civilians” like Arnold Schwarzenegger, SF Motors is to take over. The subsidiary of Chongqing Sokon Industry Group bought the plant in South Bend, Indiana for 110m dollars and will keep on most of the 400+ strong workforce as well. It is the third acquisition in the States for the Chinese firm after it also set up shop in California as well as Michigan (we reported). While SF Motors is advised by Tesla co-founder Martin Eberhard, an actual electric vehicle has yet to emerge.

Fisker-EMotionFisker has opened the order books online in the meantime and 2,000 dollars guarantee a reservation. Careful though, real prices start from 129,500 dollars so the cap at two reservations per person seem a bit of a luxury problem. The EMotion’s official presentation is set on August, 17 and a new video allows for a detailed preview.
carscoops.com, fiskerinc.com, vimeo.com (video)

Nissan blows the cover of its new Leaf and has confirmed the date for its official launch: September, 5 or 6 considering the time difference to Japan. A new image emerged to tease the occasion, this time showing a blue grille and some chrome but mostly the Nissan badge.
autoblog.com, motorauthority.com

Manufacturing network: BMW i Ventures took a stake in Xometry, an on-demand platform for product designers, engineers and procurement managers to find production facilities nationwide. Launched in 2014, the start-up now claims to have 5,000 customers.

Electric SUV by Mahindra: The Indian carmaker is working on a production version of its XUV Aero concept, following positive reception at various shows earlier this year. A near-to-production model can be expected at Auto Expo 2018 with market entry set for later that year or early 2019.
ibtimes.co.in, drivespark.com

Gaming got serious as Volvo Cars and Swedish supplier Autoliv cooperate with Nvidia, known for its graphics technology in computer games. The U.S. firm shall now turn that expertise into AI-based software for self-driving vehicles, which Volvo plans to introduce by 2021.

Jun 15, 2017 - 07:44 am

StreetScooter + Ford, Tesla, China, Munich, SF Motors, Honda.

StreetScooter-Ford-Transit-300x150StreetScooter and Ford team up: With German manufacturers continuously weak on the electric transporter front, DHL subsidiary StreetScooter has turned to Ford to build bigger electric vans. The carmaker is to lend its Transit platform to be equipped with the electric drive train and fitted with a body construction based on Deutsche Post and DHL Paket specifications. Production of the large StreetScooter will start this July already so that within 2018, Deutsche Post DHL will have added at least 2,500 EVs more. This doubles its existing e-van fleet but also means that Ford and StreetScooter will become the largest manufacturer of electric medium-duty delivery vehicles in Europe.

The safest SUV of all is the Tesla Model X according to the NHTSA rating. The American safety testing agency gave it 5 stars in all categories and subcategories, saying the probability of injury in a crash is the lowest of any SUV it ever tested.
insideevs.com, tesla.com, youtube.com (crash test front), youtube.com (crash test side)

China upholds NEV quota: Draft regulation published this week shows no signs of weakening the electric car sales quota, despite previously promised concessions. The draft by China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) maintains that sales of automakers must include 8 percent electric or plug-in hybrid vehicles by 2018, so there seems to be a disconnect between the ministry and the leadership. The draft is open for public comment until June, 27.

The situation in Germany is not much better when seen from the perspective of a traditional carmaker. Munich joins the ranks of cities that consider a diesel ban. Munich Mayor Dieter Reiter is under pressure after data by Sueddeutsche Zeitung showed nitrogen oxide emission levels 40 percent above limits set by the EU. Reiter called the readings “shocking” and thinks BMW’s hometown “cannot do without” a diesel ban, especially as he believes that a congestion charge would not keep drivers out but would just have them pay. A ban would affect about 170,000 diesel cars in town.
reuters.com, electrive.net (in German), sueddeutsche.de (original source)

China EV made in USA: SF Motors has set up shop in California’s Santa Clara, where it plans to make electric cars reportedly. SF Motors is a spin-off from Chinese Sokon and the company says the new site will create 100 jobs. The same number of employees are to be based in Michigan, where SF intends to establish its R&D unit. Extra brain power comes from Tesla co-founder Martin Eberhard who acts as a consultant while also working on his own start-up InEVit.
thedrive.com, bizjournals.com, sfmotors.com

The cutest cub: Honda has a new pack member as it decides to make the EV-Cub concept a production reality. The small and light motorbike has been in Honda’s line-up for decades but the electric version fits a niche in green city transport. Speccs will be released closer to launch set for 2020.

Nov 24, 2016 - 09:35 am

SF Motors, Lux Research, American Manganese, hybrid ferry.

SF Motors gets new development centre: Sokon Industry’s recently founded subsidiary (we reported) will invest 10.7m dollars in a new site in Michigan. It will house some 150 employees there to further develop electric cars for the U.S. market.

Battery recycling better than 2nd-life? EV batteries discarded by 2035 will have a total capacity of 65 GWh. Lux Research says it would be better to recycle them, then use them for energy storage projects. Reusing the batteries may initially be cheaper than buying new ones, but capacity loss and a shorter remaining lifespan turn that into a naïve miscalculation.

Battery recycling process: American Manganese has filed a patent application for a new method to recover cathode materials like lithium, cobalt, nickel, aluminium and manganese from used EV batteries. Working with Kemetco Research, scientists now aim to further optimise the potential of the recycling process.

Hybrid ferries for River Thames: Norwegian Electric Systems (NES) signed a deal with Remontowa Shipbuilding in Gdansk for the delivery of hybrid drivetrains. These are destined for two ferries that will commute between Woolwich and North Woolwich on River Thames.

Sep 29, 2016 - 07:54 am

Renault, NextEV, Opel, Macedonia, SF Motors.

400 km range Renault Zoe: Paris will see the introduction of the 2017 Zoe boasting a 41 kWh battery. It is said to last for 300 km in real life, but has a 400 km rating on the test cycle (NEDC). The electric drive is updated to 65 kW. The new Zoe can be ordered by October for deliveries from January, while the 22 kWh battery option continues to exist.
autocar.co.uk, electrek.co, insideevs.com

More electric goodness from Renault: A first teaser spot reveals Renault’s electric concept ahead of its Parisian debut. The TreZor Concept is powered by 260 kW and is said to accelerate to 60 mph in less than 4 seconds. Two batteries serve the juice. Most striking however, is the TreZor’s design.

Similarly striking is NextEV’s super sports car of which a first image has surfaced on the internet. The Chinese start-up is working on a 1 MW electric car, which will cost around a million dollars. Next up, however, is a more commercially viable EV, which would also be offered in larger numbers.

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Opel presents the Ampera-e live today from 12:15 CET. The show will be streamed from the Paris Motorshow.

EV incentives: Macedonia will subsidise purchases of electric cars with up to 5,000 euros from 2017. The incentive package includes tax reductions as EV buyers will pay five instead of 18 percent VAT. Further benefits are fast-charging and free parking. There is also support for converting to natural gas.

Chinese EV in the USA: Sokon from China founded a sub-label to bring its electric cars on the U.S. market. SF Motors has hired Tesla’s original co-founder, Martin Eberhard as a consultant. Eberhard worked with VW on their EV business in the USA and also made a brief appearance at Atieva previously.

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