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Jun 3, 2015 - 09:07 am

Solarwatt, Panasonic, Fraunhofer, Toyota, TRINA.

Battery boom: Solarwatt will presents its home energy storage system “MyReserve” at the Intersolar Europe next week. It is said to be the Tesla fighter among batteries and will be available starting at 5,499 euros (4,4 kWh). Panasonic, too, has its own stationary battery and has just signed delivery deals with three Australian utilities. Just a few days ago, Daimler had announced it was also entering the market for stationary energy storage.
presseportal.de (Solarwatt, in German); reneweconomy.com.au (Panasonic)

Quick charge to go: Researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute and partners have developed a technical solutions for electric buses to charge while in service, using contact systems mounted to the roof of the bus. They system has already been tested in Dresden since November and recent tests along a new 20 km route were also successful.
greencarcongress.com, phys.org

New Prius even more efficient: The next generation Prius is said to be even more fuel efficient as the petrol engine will reach a thermal efficiency of 40 percent. That is 1.5 percent more than the current model and allegedly the world’s highest for a mass-produced gasoline engine.

Electrolyte for magnesium batteries: Researchers at the Toyota Research Institute of North America (TRINA) say they have made significant progress in the field of magnesium batteries. They developed an electrolyte which possesses high anodic stability and is non-corrosive.

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May 11, 2015 - 08:56 am

Solarwatt & BMW, Toyota & Mazda, GM, Power Plaza, Formula E.

SolarwattBMWiStefan Quandt vs. Elon Musk? According to German Manager Magazine, major BMW shareholder Stefan Quandt could give Elon Musk a run for his money. Together with company Solarwatt, in which Quandt also holds major stakes, he wants to introduce the home energy storage system “MyReserve” in June. Unlike Tesla’s system, this is said to be compatible with all inverters and solar energy systems and could even arrive on the market earlier than the Tesla battery. Due to the involvement of BMW’s i-brand, “everything from solar panels over batteries to electric cars” could be handled in one place.
manager-magazin.de (in German), solarwatt.de

Japanese alliance: Japanese financial newspaper Nikkei reports that Toyota will allow its competitor Mazda to make use of its fuel cell and hybrid technologies. In return, Toyota will be granted access to Mazda’s Skyactiv technology, used to increase the efficiency of gasoline- and diesel-powered cars.

Target won’t be met: GM says that it will fall short of its goal of selling a total of 500,000 electrified vehicles (from mild hybrids to EVs) by 2017. A mere 180,834 were sold through the end of 2014.
detroitnews.com, greencarreports.com, autoblog.com

Korean EV with long range: Power Plaza introduced its Yebbujana R at the EVS 28 that can go up to 571 kilometers on one charge at a speed of 60 km/h (37 mph). The all-electric car weighs only 745 kilos and will become available in South Korea at the end of 2016 at a price of around 40,000 dollars.

Formula E gets new sponsor: Visa Europe announced that is on board for financing the inaugural 2014/2015 season of the electric racing series. Europe’s leading payment provider was a partner of the ePrix race in Monaco and will be for Berlin and London.

Buemi wins Monaco ePrix: Swiss driver Sebastien Buemi (e-dams Renault) won the inaugural Monaco Formula E race on Saturday, finishing ahead of Brazil’s Lucas di Grassi (Audi Sport ABT) for his second win of the season. The race began with a multiple car crash on the run out of Saint Devote.
motorsport.com, youtube.com (highlights)

Testing the Hyundai ix35 Fuel Cell: Matt Joy calls this car a “revolution” and compares it to the Book of Genesis. He adds that the only thing speaking against buying the Hyundai ix35 Fuel Cell is the lack of hydrogen filling stations – which Joy hopes will increase with FCV sales.

Mar 20, 2015 - 09:51 am

Endesa, Dundee, Solarwatt & BMW i, Eneco, Malaysia.

All-in-one Charging Point Solution is the name of Endesa’s newest offer. The Spanish utility company will provide a charging station, installation, servicing and a three-year warranty for just 1.85 euros per day. According to Endesa, it has installed 958 regular and 37 rapid-chargers in Spain since 2011.

Electric taxis for Dundee: 30 Nissan Leaf are now serving as taxis in the Scottish city. Moreover, taxi company 203020 Electric, a subsidiary of the Tele Taxi Group, wants to completely electrify its entire 60-vehicle fleet over the next twelve months
nextgreencar.com, fleetnews.co.uk

Sunny cooperation in France: Solar company Solarwatt and BMW’s i-brand will work together in France. The core of the cooperation will be providing BMW i owners with solar technology solutions for the roofs of their home and carports.
emobilserver.de, solarserver.de (articles in German)

Sustainable charging: The SmartCharging app by Dutch company Eneco allows Tesla drivers to charge when electricity prices are low and a lot of wind and solar energy is available. Eneco wants to further develop the app to offer the service to drivers of EVs from other brands.
cleantechnica.com, eneco.com

Malaysia gets electric bus service: 15 electric buses will take commuters the 5.4 kilometre route from Subang to Bandar Sunway, driving in dedicated lanes to avoid congestion. The new transportation service called Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) will begin operating in May.


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