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Aug 1, 2018 - 04:57 pm

Tesla planning new vehicle interior options

Tesla is planning to add some more interior options for the Model S and Model X in the coming year. The new design will be oriented along the more minimalist interior of the Model 3, but will likely also offer some premium features.

Jun 11, 2018 - 11:58 am

Tesla now runs 10,000 Superchargers worldwide

Tesla has reached a milestone as their network of electric car charging stations now includes more than a thousand sites with over 10,000 Superchargers installed worldwide. Still the EV maker is a little behind schedule but says they are catching up quickly.



May 23, 2018 - 05:24 pm

New Tesla Supercharger with up to 250 kW performance

Tesla is planning the presentation of the next Supercharger generation for late summer this year. This was admitted by Elon Musk on Twitter after a user queried him. The Superchargers of the third generation will feature “major improvements all round.”

Feb 22, 2018 - 05:24 pm

Tesla consolidates supercharger network in China

Tesla has further expanded their charging network in China. Now it covers most cities in the Jangtse Delta, the Pearl River Delta, the Region Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei and the Region Chengdu-Chongqing. Also three of the largest charging parks belonging to Tesla are on Chinese soil. 

Feb 3, 2018 - 06:48 pm

Tesla working on charging network for electric trucks

As the commercial shift to electric transportation modes is taking place, Tesla is taking a proactive approach by working with industry to supply local charging stations for companies. According to Reuters Anheuser-Busch, Pepsi and UPS are among those participating in the development programme.



Oct 17, 2017 - 01:04 pm

Supercharger Network reaches new Milestone.

And the 1,000th Supercharger station stands near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Overall, Tesla now brought 6,934 DC charging spots online and may reach its target of 10,000 Superchargers before the year’s end. When looking at 2017 alone, the average is 8.5 chargers per station.
electrek.co, insideevs.com

Jul 18, 2017 - 07:35 am

Allego, Shell, Solaris, New Zealand, Supercharger.

Shell to offer fast-charging: Allego has agreed to supply Shell gas stations with fast-chargers, first in the UK and the Netherlands, where they shall go into operation before the year’s end. London and Derby are on the list of locations with a few more in the west of the Netherlands (Randstad). How many 50 kW stations they want to install, none of the partners specified.

Autobus per favore: Italy has ordered a total of 22 electric buses built by Polish Solaris. Twelve Urbino 12 electric are expected in Bergamo with another ten going to Milan. While both cities opted for the same models, they differed in the interior as well as charging options.
eurotransportmagazine.com, metro-report.com

At the other end of the world New Zealand’s capital ordered 32 electric double-decker. The first ten are scheduled for service from July 2018, while the other 22 are only due by 2020 and 2021. The Council of Wellington has signed with Tranzit and Uzabus for nine routes after the city called for tenders in August last year. Overall, the bus fleet is almost 500 strong.

Tesla’s Supercharger supersizing continues as the firm announced another two 40-strong charging sites after building the first in California as reported. One will come to Tesla-loving Oslo in Norway and the other to Baker, a place conveniently situated between Los Angeles and Las Vegas. Not as big but expansive all the same is the latest site at Abu Dhabi’s Yas Island’s mall and theme park that now call sixteen Tesla charging stations their own.
electrek.co (Oslo), electrek.co (Baker), gulfnews.com (Abu Dhabi)

Jul 17, 2017 - 07:32 am

6,000 Superchargers.

More than 6,000 Superchargers at 900 sites are Tesla’s latest figures on a global scale. In the previous month, the installation has been significantly accelerated as Tesla seeks to extend its global Superchargers network to up to 10,000 units before the year’s end.

Jul 13, 2017 - 08:55 am

Share&Charge, BAE, SolarEdge, Supercharger, Korea Telecom.

Start-up culture reimported: MotionWerk, a start-up from the German town of Essen, has found a potent application for their Share&Charge platform in eMotorWerks. Based in San Francisco, the latter offers smart-grid-ready charging equipment and owners of such stations will be able to make them available to all EV drivers via Share&Charge, thus forming the first peer-to-peer charging network in the States. The pilot’s start is scheduled for August, 1 and marks a good start for both MotionWerk as well as its accelerator innogy, that recently set-up shop in Los Angeles.

BAE hybrid drive for Solaris: Belgian transport company SRWT ordered 208 hybrid buses from Polish manufacturer Solaris reportedly. Turns out BAE Systems will not only supply the drive system but will also see its energy storage system ESS-3G-1K installed in the Solaris buses.
greencarcongress.com, baesystems.com

Home charger with inverter: Israeli SolarEdge intends to launch a home EV charger with an integrated solar inverter able to charge EVs with up to 9.6 kW. SolarEdge had teamed up with Tesla for the first generation Powerwall but now claims the “world’s first inverter-integrated” EV charger for itself.

Meanwhile Tesla not only plans large Supercharger stations with up to 20 charge bays like those in Albany and Burbank (we reported) but already wants to surpass those. The “world’s biggest Supercharger station” with 40 charge points is under construction in Kettleman City, California.

Korea Telecom targets 10,000 EVs: Telecommunication provider Korea Telecom (KIT) is about to electrify its fleet and wants to replace 10,000 company cars with electric vehicles until 2022. Hyundai will deliver the first 1,000 Ioniq EVs before the year’s end. Furthermore, Korea Telecom wants to gradually equip more than 400 buildings with charging stations in South Korea.
english.etnews.com , koreajoongangdaily.joins.com

California got a gap: There is a waiting list for the Golden State’s 2,500 dollar plug-in rebate at the moment as the allocated funds for this year are close to exhaustion and are being held for applicants with low income. The 2018 budget is likely to be released in September but a recent Californian bill may free an additional 3bn dollars for electric transport subsidies even sooner.
plugincars.com, greencarreports.com

Jul 12, 2017 - 08:00 am

Supercharger, Romania, Electrify America, BYD, Korea.

Tesla’s first XL Supercharger stations with 20 charging points are soon opening in Albany, New York and Burbank, California. The installation of significantly bigger charging stations represents the EV maker’s current strategy for the States but also a readiness for the Model 3 roll-out.

40 charging stations for Romania: E.ON Romania and Hungarian MOL agreed on erecting 40 EV charging stations in Romania until 2020. The project partners count on support through European funds.
seenews.com, petrolplaza.com, business-review.eu, romania-insider.com

Debut of VW’s infrastructure project in the U.S.: Volkswagen has started the installation of its charging network in the States, following the company’s court settlement for the diesel-gate. The first quick charging station under the label “Electrify America” recently opened in Washington D.C. and marks the beginning of the first stage, that will see 50 DC charger installed in 10 cities until September.

BYD enters partnerships in Chile: Chinese BYD has signed an agreement with Enel Chile in order to deliver 90 electric buses to the Latin American country. Additionally, the company teams up with the Federico Santa María Technical University as both seek to improve the education of teachers and students when it comes to EV tech and to support electric mobility research.
byd.com (electric buses), byd.com (university cooperation)

Korea halves EV’s toll charges: The country’s transport ministry intends to halve highway toll charges for EVs and FCVs from September to boost EV sales. Korea’s government raised its electric mobility objectives generally and now wants 1.5m electrified cars to populate the country’s roads by 2020.

Jun 19, 2017 - 08:22 am

Supercharger, Porsche, CHJ, Smart, Cadillac, Adomani.

Tesla-Supercharger1Tesla delays deadline: Supercharger use will remain free for all customers buying a Model X or S through December, 31. This is the third delay of a change in policy that will see Tesla charging customers for using their network once their use exceeds 400 kWh. This latest move is likely to prevent potential buyers from waiting for the Model 3 rather than buying a Model S or X now. After all, free supercharging for a lifetime is a good argument for those that can afford the premium price.
teslamag.de, electrek.co, teslarati.com

Porsche has got an eye on the Formula E with a top tier management delegation having met FE CEO Alejandro Agag at the ePrix in Monaco and later in Berlin. Chances depend on technical rules like the car swap but also Porsche’s final decision on the WEC that is currently under revision.

Cheap commuter EV: Chinese start-up CHJ plans to enter the new energy vehicle market with a targeted approach. Its first micro EV model aims at commuters and shall hit the shelves by March 2019 already with exchangeable batteries. As a mobility device mainly, the price is set at a low 7,000 – 8,000 euros, thus placing it in competitive range of electric scooters. CHJ’s main market is China but the firm did not rule out a launch in Europe, only here the compact EV would serve in ride sharing offers.

Talking small electric cars, Smart has announced UK prices for its ED range. The Fortwo model starts from 16,420 pounds, while the Forfour will cost about 500 pounds more with 16,915 GBP. Finally, the Fortwo Cabriolet is the top of the three, starting from 18,650 pounds, all after the 4,500 GBP incentive.
nextgreencar.com, driveandride.com

Cadillac XT4 PHEV? New spy shots of Cadillac’s XT4 hints at what may be a charge connector under heavy disguise. It would make sense, given that the Cadillac CT6 is already available as a plug-in hybrid. The XT4 is set to debut by mid-2018.

Close to 10m dollars worth of finance has been gathered for retrofit hybrid and electric buses or trucks by Adomani. The company has just gone public and sold more than 2.5m shares at 5 dollars each, amounting to 9.2m dollars in its IPO. Adomani is now listed on NASDAQ under the ticker symbol ADOM.
greencarcongress.com, globenewswire.com

Jun 12, 2017 - 07:52 am

Supercharger, BYD, Hawaiian Electric, Australia.

Independent Superchargers? Tesla wants to go off-grid in the long run by feeding its charging infrastructure from solar panel arrays and batteries. At least that was CEO Elon Musk’s reply on Twitter following a question about the chargers’ energy sources but 140 characters were obviously not enough to draw up a timetable. A more detailed account was recently given when Tesla announced plans to extend its Supercharger network to more than 10,000 units before the year’s end.

BYD refuse truck not wasted: BYD and its partners LA Sanitation and Wayne Engineering completed their electric refuse truck trial and demonstrated the viability of zero-emission vehicles for municipal waste haulers. BYD’s test vehicles did more than 5,200 miles and up to 108 miles per day.

Approval for Hawaiian Electric: Hawaiian Electric can extend its DC fast charging scheme for five more years after obtaining the Hawaii Public Utilities Commission’s approval. One of the programmes sees the utility operate 25 publicly accessible DC fast-charge facilities on Oahu, Maui and the Big Island.

Electric buses for CA school districts: The South Coast Air Quality Management District in SoCal raised about 1.6m dollars in order to support three school districts (Fontana, Rialto, and Jurupa) to buy two electric buses and charging stations each.

Shop and charge: Australian Stockland intends to erect Tesla Destination Chargers at 31 of its shopping centres across the country. In order to offer its clients free charging, the company is willing to invest 200,000 dollars.

May 4, 2017 - 09:01 am

PlugMeIn, Supercharger.

Video tip I: Remember Wiebe Wakker aka Mr. PlugMeIn? His trip from the Netherlands to Australia is well underway and Fully Charged have caught up with him in Abu Dhabi to see where and how his e-Golf has carried him. Next stop: India, and Wiebbe is always looking for connections along the way.

Video tip II: To pay at a Supercharger can be quite a shock for Tesla owners used to free charging. So this is what happened, when a newish Tesla driver used up the 400 kWh allocated.
youtube.com via teslarati.com

Apr 26, 2017 - 11:40 am

Supercharger, YPF, Ford, ABB, Volvo, Zap-Map, California.

Details to Supercharger expansion: Ahead of the Model 3 market entry, Tesla confirmed officially that the total number of Superchargers worldwide shall rise from today 5,400 to more than 10,000 by the end of the year. In the same period, the amount of Destination Chargers is to climb from 9,000 to 15,000. Interestingly, renderings show, that the EV maker may not only extend its network by building more Superchargers, but is also looking into larger locations. They would gather more Superchargers under roofs with solar tiles and could also have some sort of a waiting room, or “customer centre” – in short, they may become the pit stops of the future.
, teslarati.com, tesla.com (official statement)

To not become obsolete through firms like Tesla just yet, Argentina’s state-owned Oil company YPF intends to equip 200 petrol stations with charging points for electric cars. The installation of initially 110 charging points is to start by mid-2017 at stops between Buenos Aires and La Plata.

Ford fleet in London: Ford selected five fleet operators to start its earlier announced pilot programme in London. For 12 months, the car maker will provide 20 Transit Custom PHEV to see how plug-in hybrids could support the capital’s target to clear the air. Its rather potent partners are Transport for London, Metropolitan Police, British Gas, Clancy Plant, and Addison Lee.
greencarcongress.com, ngtnews.com, postandparcel.info

ABB and Volvo do it again and this time it is British Harrogate that will see Swedish electric buses powered by Swiss charging equipment. The fleet will operated by Transdev Blazefield from 2018. ABB will deliver three charging stations and an electricity substation for installation at a bus station.

Zap-Map’s updated app: UK’s EV charging platform Zap-Map enables EV drivers to locate charging points through an app that the company now spiced up once more. Version 3.0 includes real-time data from across the GeniePoint and Source London networks.

44 EVs to charge simultaneously: Californian’s city of Fremont that is home to Tesla now hosts one of the largest EV charging sites in the Bay Area. Operated by Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART), 44 electric cars can charge at 22 stations simultaneously. The project’s inauguration is part of a pilot programme.

Apr 19, 2017 - 07:59 am

5,000 Tesla Superchargers.

Tesla now runs 5,000 Superchargers worldwide. The network has grown considerably in the last three months, when 25 percent of the total were added, in Europe in particular.

Feb 1, 2017 - 09:17 am

Karl-Thomas Neumann, Scott Keogh

Karl-Thomas-Neumann-Opel“I want it and know Vauxhall needs it. As yet, we don’t have the decision. But I think we’ll have it. For me, it’s a matter of time.”

Opel chairman Karl-Thomas Neumann hopes to persuade GM to invest in a right-hand drive variant of the Ampera-e aka the Bolt.

Scott-Keogh“All this fright about where am I going to get a charge is going to go away extremely fast. The technology on this front is moving at a staggering pace.”

Audi of America President Scott Keogh calls on car dealers to jump onto the electric car market as he believes that any hurdles like infrastructure will very soon disappear.

Jan 18, 2017 - 09:13 am

Supercharger, Tesla.

Click tip I: Now that Tesla is charging per kWh at its Superchargers, but prices may vary from location to locations, calculating the cost of a trip is some serious brain exercise. Tesla-owner Ben Sullins has come up with an online-tool to help calculate the total.
tableau.com, youtube.com (video tutorial)

Click tip II: Another Tesla owner has created glowing a charging cable. It lights up depending on the amount of current being drawn by the Tesla. That’s some seriously cool engineering.
insideevs.com, youtube.com (video)

Jan 16, 2017 - 09:18 am

Thuringia, Supercharger, Atlanta, EVA+, Dubai.

The German federal state of Thuringia has revealed its charging infrastructure plan LISS until 2020. It plans 370 new EV chargers in the next three years, where a total of 32 local utilities will work together to install 300 regular and 70 fast-chargers. The federal state is funding slower chargers with 975 euros, while 2.46m euros will be invested in fast-chargers at a federal level. The utilities are investing a combined 2.61 euros.
thueringen24.de, thueringen.de (articles in German)

Good-bye free charging: As reported, Tesla cars ordered after January 15th will not be allowed to charge for free at Superchargers. Only the first 400 kWh will be included in the price of the car. After that, Tesla will charge per kWh, meaning the fee will differ from area to area. The carmaker also emphasised that it will not profit, but will merely cover costs.
insideevs.com, teslarati.com, tesla.com

Ultimate charge and fly: No less than 102 parking spots have been fitted with EV chargers at the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport in Atlanta, Georgia. Another 200 more parking spots will also be modernised in the coming years.

Electric Vehicle Arteries: Project EVA+, which was unveiled in Brussels and is being funded with 4.2m euros by the EU, wants to set up 200 multi-charger stations in Italy and Austria in the coming three years. For the project, utility Enel and Verbund have teamed up with BMW, Nissan, Renault and Volkswagen.
insideevs.com, enel.com

Plugging-in: The British government is looking for ways to simplify charging and cut cost. Parallel pricing, as well as a pricing cap are among propositions on the table, as is a standard charge chard that will work at all EV chargers in the country.
autocar.co.uk, insideevs.com

Dubai goes hybrid: The country’s Roads and Transport Authority has issued a five-year plan that also calls for half of all taxis to be fitted with hybrid drivetrains by 2021. That would be the equivalent of 2,280 hybrid taxis.

Jan 9, 2017 - 07:46 am

ChargePoint, Supercharger, London, BYD, Plugless Power.

New era of fast charging: ChargePoint announced the next generation of its DC fast-chargers at the CES earlier this month. The so-called ChargePoint Express Plus is to deliver up to 400 kW per outlet and should already be available from July of this year.
insideevs.com, electrek.co, forbes.com

Supercharger gets V3 upgrade: Elon Musk also had some news about the next generation of charging infrastructure. The Supercharger network is getting an upgrade – and according to a Twitter conversation, will then be able to deliver more than 350 kW. Musk joked that “a mere 350 kW” would be for “a children’s toy.”
electrek.co, insideevs.com

Electric transport for London: Chinese BYD and its UK partner Alexander Dennis have received an order for 14 of its Enviro200 electric buses from Transport for London. The EVs will be used on line 360 in the British capital. As part of the deal, BYD will also install 14 charging stations.
transportengineer.org.uk, ejinsight.com

Mega-charger: The Chinese port city of Tianjin has commissioned 500 electric buses from BYD, as well as installed a charging station where 80 electric buses can plug in at the same time. In total, 448 e-buses can fill up there daily.

Model S inductive charging: Plugless Power now officially added a wireless charging solution for the Tesla Model S to its portfolio. It delivers 7.2 kW. The company already offers inductive charging technology for the Nissan Leaf and Chevrolet Volt. A video and picture gallery show off the new addition.
insideevs.com (with photos and videos)

Dec 19, 2016 - 09:12 am

Supercharger, California, Carsharing, Columbus, Zap-Map.

Frosting Supercharger parking: Elon Musk has unveiled new rules for Supercharger access after his recent promise to take action. Any Tesla caught blocking a Supercharger five minutes after being fully charged has to pay 40 ct per minute. The fee only applies if all chargers are blocked.
electrek.co, tesla.com

7,500 EV charging stations: The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) approved Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) ‘Charge Smart and Save’ scheme. The utility will install 7,500 EV charging stations at multi-unit sites and workplaces across NoCal. PG&E initially planned 25,000 charge spots but got turned down by regulators who feared a monopoly and wanted inclusion of disadvantaged communities.
greencarcongress.com, electriccarsreport.com

Démenti: BMW’s DriveNow has explicitly denied any plans to merge with Daimler’s Car2Go, which the Manager Magazin had reported on Friday, claiming fear of competition from Uber as the reason for the unlikely liaison. DriveNow partner Sixt also rejected the allegation.
wiwo.de (in German)

Charging Columbus: American Electric Power (AEP) will install 250 public EV charging station in Columbus, the city that reportedly won the U.S. Smart City Challenge. Another 1,000 EV chargers are to be located in residential areas. Both the city and the utility pledged to electrify their fleets.

Dynamic charging data: Zap-Map has launched live data on availability of EV charging stations in Chargemaster’s Polar network with other networks to follow. PEV drivers in the UK will be able to see if a charge point is in use of free via desktop as well as mobile applications.
nextgreencar.com, zap-map.com

Nov 25, 2016 - 08:41 am

Switzerland, IKEA, New York, Supercharger, Seattle.

Swiss charging alliance: A number of infrastructure providers such as Alpiq, Renault, BKW and others will join forces from 2017. The new platform called MOVE will then include more than 300 chargers and will make up the largest public charging network in Switzerland. EV drivers can pre-pay or get a subscription to use the chare points.
cleantech.ch, pressebox.de

Free energy while furniture shopping: IKEA now has a total of 72 chargers at its nine locations in Switzerland. All can charge with 22 kW and are free to use. Meanwhile, the branches are urged to get at least one electric car the next time they renew or add to their fleet.
blick.ch, ikea.com

Chargers for the Big Apple: The city of New York will kick off a pilot project, installing 25 public EV charging points across the city by March 2018. There will be at least two in each borough. The project is also a move to show President-elect Trump that the city will continue its war on climate change.
qns.com, nyc.gov

Shop and supercharge: Tesla is working with supermarket chain Hy-Vee in order to tighten the Supercharger network in the flyover states in the U.S. Eight chargers along the I-80 in Iowa have already been installed, with more to follow.
insideevs.com, thegazette.com

Hybrids convince: Seattle’s fire department is happy with the results of recent fuel efficiency tests of ambulances retrofitted with hybrid drivetrains form XL Hybrids. So happy, in fact, that they now ordered another 10 hybrid vehicles for their fleet.

Nov 8, 2016 - 09:52 am

Supercharger, Chargemaster, Q-Park, Georgia, Cyprus.

The end of free supercharging is near as Tesla announces the start of its ‘credit’ scheme by January 2017. From then on, new buyers will be given 400 kWh of Supercharging credits per year – worth about a 1,000 miles – and will be charged after. For those that already own a Tesla or buy one before the year’s end, Superchargers will remain free of charge.
electrek.co, usatoday.com, tesla.com

UK charge network: Chargemaster and parking operator Q-Park, who reportedly cooperate in London, widen their joint efforts. They plan to build 200 so-called Ultracharger, which are to become part of Chargemaster’s Polar network.

Charging in Georgia: 100 EV charging stations will be installed in Georgia this year. The first are to go into operation in the capital of Tiflis. That makes it two stations per EV as only 50 EV run in Georgia.

Charging Cyprus: Three more EV charging stations will be build on Cyprus, in the town of Limassol. The island thus has 15 charge stops in total.

Emission reduction at airports: 33.7m dollars in grants will be handed out by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Nine airports have been selected, among them the Indianapolis International Airport, which will buy six electric buses. Others will invest in charging infrastructure.
ftnnews.com, einnews.com

Oct 25, 2016 - 08:09 am

Renault, Portugal, Panasonic, Supercharger, Green Commuters.

Renault pro combo: The French carmaker will offer CCS Combo charging with 22 kW AC and 100 kW DC on all its models in Europe. This leaves Nissan, Mitsubishi and Kia as sole CHAdeMO supporters on the continent. Despite the partnership, Renault’s EV programme director Eric Feunteun made clear that “the Combo 2 standard, which was imposed in Europe, will be our standard.”
insideevs.com, automobile-propre.com (in French)

60m state aid: Portugal’s plan to fund green buses with 60m euros has found approval with the EU commission. The country plans to replace old buses with low emission models, incl. hybrid, electric, CNG, and H2, and to supply respective infrastructure. The EU cohesion fund will bear 85 percent of cost.

Merger aftermath: Tesla and Panasonic will work ever closer together should Tesla merge with SolarCity. If approved, the battery partnership would include residential storage batteries for which it would make photovoltaic cells and modules in Buffalo, New York.
asia.nikkei.com, forbes.com, tesla.com

Supercharger pit stop: The state of New York saw Superchargers going up at gas stations. Tesla works with QuickChek in Kingston and the cooperation might be expanded to further locations in the area.
electrek.co, greencarreports.com

EV share funding: Green Commuter receives a 250,000 dollar state tax credit in California to advance its EV sharing with Model X. Also the Chattanooga Area Regional Transportation Authority (CARTA) in Tennessee granted the firm 750,000 dollars as it reportedly set up 20 Nissan Leaf to hire.
financial.de (California), chargedevs.com (Tennessee)

Sep 12, 2016 - 08:41 am

London, Chargemaster, e-pendler, Supercharger, ClipperCreek.

More e-buses for London: The English capital wants to electrify two bus lines (507 and 521) by the end of the year. The 51 new electric buses, built by BYD and Alexander Dennis, would then bring the total number of electric buses in London to 73. Another 2,000 hybrid buses are already on the road there.
eandt.theiet.org, mayorwatch.co.uk

UK charging network join forces: Chargemaster has taken over fellow provider Elektromotive’s Charge Your Car (CYC), meaning Britain’s two largest charging networks are now one. Both brands are said to remain, while customer support and maintenance resources will be shared.

“e-pendler in niederösterreich” strikes a balance: After its three -year run, the programme in Lower Austria counted new 114 electric cars, 86 e-bikes and 167 charging points. Moreover, the acceptance of electric mobility in combination with public transport is said to have increased, while the e-bike market experienced a “boom.” Since 2013, the region had tested how the daily commute between Vienna and Wr. Neustadt could become more efficient and environmentally friendly.
orf.at (in German)

Supercharging Portugal? It seems Tesla is meeting with Portuguese officials looking to set up Superchargers in the country. The carmaker doesn’t offer any direct service in the country yet, but there are still quite a few Model S drivers already, that could soon change as well.
jornaldenegocios.pt (in Portuguese) via electrek.co

Introducing Share2: The new ClipperCreek system allows Level 2 charging station to split power from a one branch 40A circuit, allowing for the installation of an additional charger without running another 240 V circuit. The station will operate at full power when only one car is plugged in, while splitting the energy when both chargers are in use.
greencarcongress.com, insideevs.com

Sep 5, 2016 - 08:55 am

California, Supercharger, Wisconsin, Envision Solar, fast-chargers.

New round for California EV incentives: The Clean Vehicle Rebate Program has been allocated another 133m dollars, after previous funds were used up. Meanwhile, the qualifying income level cap will be lowered to 150,000 dollars a year for single filers and 300,000 dollars for families from November 1st, to keep people from using the rebate to purchase luxury cars.

Supercharger update: According to electrek, all Tesla drivers could soon be asked to pay for supercharging. It was revealed that Model 3 driver could purchase Superchargers credits or pay with credit card (we reported) to plug in, something the carmaker could adopt for all models to decouple the price for charging from the price for the car. Meanwhile, the world’s largest Supercharger has officially opened near Oslo in Norway.
electrek.co (charging), greencarreports.com (Norway)

Wisconsin goes Leaf: The U.S. state started an electric vehicle group buy programme from early August, allowing buyers to get as much as 8,000 dollars off when buying a new Nissan Leaf, as well as get better leasing conditions. The programme concludes on September 30th.

Envision Solar conquers Europe: The EV infrastructure provider has set up its first solar-powered charger EV ARC in the port of Malaga in Spain. Manufactures BMW, Nissan, Porsche and Mitsubishi will also use the station to promote their plug-ins, as well as the benefits of driving with solar power.

Charging northern Germany: On top of the 19 rapid-chargers between Hamburg and the Danish boarder, the top of Germany will see another 28 fast-chargers installed. The first five will even go online before the end of the year. The chargers will cost around 40,000 euros each and will be paid for by a group of eleven investors.
abendblatt.de (in German)

Sep 1, 2016 - 08:15 am

Supercharger, Uber, Hungary, Sydney.

Pre-pay the Supercharge: It becomes more and more evident that Tesla will charge those opting for the Model 3. The MyTesla pages ask for credit card payment, while an in-depth look at the CCS section reveals “supercharger-payment” and “supercharger credits in kWh” sections.
ev.network, insideevs.com

Uber electric: More than 50 Nissan Leaf and BYD e6 will soon be available to hail via the Uber app in London. A trial has already started. By autumn, another British town is to profit from the offer and the ride hailing service says “hundreds” of electric taxis shall be bookable by 2017.
businessinsider.de, engadget.com, metro.co.uk

4m euros for 1,000 EV chargers: The Hungarian Ministry of Economy opened a 3.9m euro fund for EV charging infrastructure. The Eastern European country aims for a 1,000 stations and has asked towns and communities with at least 15,000 residents to apply.
kormany.hu (in Hungarian) via emobilitaetonline.de (in German)

Electric airport shuttle: Sydney Airport launched its first electric bus. It is the first of five Blu Emu buses to follow before the years’ end. They replace an ageing diesel shuttle fleet. Delivered by Carbridge in a JV with BYD, the Toro model can carry up to 70 passengers. Meanwhile, Perth is testing the autonomous electric RAC Intellibus that transports up to 11 guests at an average speed of 25 kph.
airport-world.com, sydneyairport.com.au, zdnet.com

Aug 23, 2016 - 08:23 am

Supercharger, Motiv.

Click tip: Take a look at the largest Supercharger in the making. The 20 spots with designated and branded parking look like a gas station almost.

Motiv’s new HQ: Manufacturer of motors for electric trucks and buses has opened its new headquarters in Foster City, California, where there is enough space for 100 employees potentially. Motiv Power Systems also runs a production facility in Hayward that builds almost 500 drives annually.

Found on electrive.com
01.08.2018 16:48