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Jul 5, 2017 - 08:13 am

Istanbul, Hamburg, Ganzhou, Tesloop.

Istanbul’s electric cab project continues as three more Zoe have arrived in the Turkish capital on a lease. Their number is to grow week by week to ultimately reach 9,000 EV taxis and while this seems like a lot, it suits the size of the metropolis. Most of them will be Renault’s and the Electric Taxi Project has only just started.

Hamburg chose Renault to continue to encourage businesses to switch to electric. Called e-Drive Hamburg 2017, the initiative offers a total of 450 electric vehicles, namely 350 Renault Zoe and 70 Kangoo Z.E. with another 30 Master Z.E. to follow at a later date. The project succeeds a previous campaign that managed to put almost 800 EV in service at attractive leasing rates.
electrive.net (in German)

Vow green: Newly wed couples in China can now start their honeymoon or reception in an electric bus for weddings that has been launched in Ganzhou. After a two month trial, the green wedding bus that couples can decorate themselves is now running full time.

Tesloop takes off: The Model X chauffeur service that saw then 17 year old Haydn Sonnad offering rides from LA to Vegas, has expanded. The first Tesla has been joined by another 5 electric SUV and one Model S and routes now include Orange County and San Diego and can be booked via app.

Feb 23, 2017 - 09:23 am

Tesloop, Stark Drive.

Reading tip: Jump on the Tesloop, a shared eco road trip from Los Angeles to Las Vegas in a Model X. It is not a one off but a regularity since 17-year-old Haydn Sonnad launched his long-distance electric shuttle service. Neither fear nor loathing were involed.

Click tip: A full-size electric folding bike is rare and sought after as a crowdfunding campaign just quadrupled its financing goal. Early birds get a Stark Drive e-bike for 399 dollars (excl. 200 USD shipping from China). But with 46 pounds it is not really a carry-on item.
indiegogo.com via treehugger.com

Jul 29, 2015 - 08:40 am

Supercharger, Tesloop.

Reading tip I: “It’s fine to Supercharge. Just don’t do it too much,” was the semi-official line David Nolan got from a Tesla representative when he tried to inquire if Supercharging leads to battery capacity losses. In his experience, it does – just to what extent is hard to pin down.

Reading tip II: Tesloop is not a Hyperloop clone but a shuttle service that uses Model S to bring passengers from Las Vegas to LA and back for 85 dollars each way. In only 2 weeks, the company already picked up 40 customers and plans to expand to other cities.
news3lv.com (with video), tesloop.com


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