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Oct 14, 2016 - 07:34 am

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UK invests further in electric mobility: The UK government announced that it will spend a total of 30m pounds on charging infrastructure and another 5,75m on subsidising electric two-wheelers and fuel cell vehicles. It will also take delivery of two more Nissan Leaf.

Rapid bus charger for all: ABB has opened its first fast-charger for electric buses at the Volvo bus terminal in Gothenburg. It is based on the OppCharge interface, due to which buses and chargers from different manufactures are made compatible. The goal is to simplify the introduction of electric bus systems.
transportengineer.org.uk, volvobuses.com

U.S. Navy goes EV: The California Energy Commission has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Department of the Navy, according to which the U.S. Marine Corps and Navy will lease a total of 250 electric vehicles for its location in the Golden State. It is the biggest U.S. government deal for electric vehicles to date.

Luxembourg shares electric: The carsharing scheme Carloh, which kicked off about a year ago, will also offer EVs to share from November, as well as open nine new stations. How many electric cars will be made available has not been announced.

Connecting Western Isles: Charge point supplier Evolt has installed another 11 chargers on the islands of the Outer Hebrides (UK). That includes three 50 kW chargers and three 22 kW fast-chargers. The remaining five chargers have an output of 7kW.

Jan 8, 2016 - 09:39 am

U.S. Navy, EVCARD, capacity loss, London, Al Moumayas.

U.S. Navy plans electrification: The U.S. Navy is looking to lease between 400 and 600 all-electric vehicles for its fleet in California, issuing a solicitation. The lease contract will initially run for one year and could be renewed for another two years thereafter.

Shanghai get mor EVs for hire: Chinese car hiring company EVCARD (we reported) set up 60 new stations on the three islands of Chongming County. There, people can rent the Roewe E50 and Chery eQ, as well as charge the vehicles for free.

Cheap batteries stop electrification: Only four out of the 27 Electric Utility Vehicles added at the Grand Coulee Dam in November are still in service. The reason is an extremely quick loss of battery capacity.

Electric bobby: For six months, the Londoner Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) will test a BMW i3 with range extender in the parts of Greenwich, Bexley and Westminster. The EV will be used for regular patrolling and officers are asked to report on their experience on the road.

Hybrid taxis in Jordan: Taxi company Al Moumayas is ready to implement its recently announced plan to replace 400 of its vehicles with EV and hybrids. 30 hybrid taxis will go into service in the capital Amman before the end of this month.

Jul 9, 2015 - 08:30 am

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Unity decreed: France will unify electric vehicle charging within its borders, as the government plans to impose interoperability on all charging networks by the end of the year. Bollore, EDF, Renault, and others already created the Afirev association for network interoperability. The Gireve platform serves as a platform for data exchange and payments.

En route to reduction: Transport & Environment found Nissan to be ahead in reducing CO2 emissions of its fleet, reaching 115g CO2/km in 2014. Peugeot Citroën, Volvo, Toyota, and Daimler are also ahead of schedule to reach the 95g target by 2021. So why all the whining?

Navy EV strategy: The Navy plans to lease about 300 to 600 electric passanger vehicles for its military corps in California. To better understand what that means, it will hold an interactive EV leasing discussion with industry partners a week from Tuesday (July 21st).
greencarcongress.com, fbo.gov (Forum)

Charging Tasmania: In a white paper, the local government suggests increasing EV uptake through incentives and in its own fleet, especially since the cars could double as energy storage. However, critics see the region lacking far behind in infrastructure.
motoring.com.au (intentions), motoring.com.au (comment)

Happy meal: In the Welsh Torfaen County Borough, five electric Nissan e-NV200 vans are now delivering hot meals and tea to 175 residents on a daily basis. The EVs replace a fleet of old diesel cars, previously used by the Community Meal service.



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