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Nov 3, 2016 - 09:24 am

Unique EV charging port.

Called Giraffe 2.0 this EV charging station from Swedish InnoVentum surely catches the eye but may be bizarre otherwise. Its solar panels do indeed form the body of a giraffe, while the “neck” carries a wind turbine so the whole set up looks very organic and is renewable.

Sep 18, 2015 - 09:47 am

Scott Keogh, Ricardo Reyes, Ulrich Hackenberg.

Scott-Keogh“We will need and are actively looking at what is the second battery-electric vehicle. There will be more, without a doubt.”

Just days after the unveiling of the e-tron Quattro concept, Scott Keogh, president of Audi of America, already promises a second electric vehicle a few years down the road. Falling prices and better energy density of batteries will fuel a demand for Audi EVs, says Keogh.

Ricardo-Reyes“For us to achieve our long-term goal, which is to get people driving electric vehicles, we need the cooperation of traditional carmakers. When you hear companies like Porsche or BMW make very public commitments to this, it’s a vindication of what we’re trying to do.”

Tesla spokesman Ricardo Reyes says that he hopes that as German carmakers show their commitment to electrification as they did in Frankfurt, it will spur EV uptake in the country in general and therefore also Tesla sales there.

Ulrich-Hackenberg“We use different types of battery cells. We have the round cells, which are used by Tesla and we also use these in the R8. We also have prismatic cells, which we use in our e-tron cars and there are pouch technology cells. They are the three types we use.”

Ulrich Hackenberg, board member for technical development of Audi, explained that the use of different battery cells enables the VW group to influence supplier pricing and push down costs.

May 28, 2015 - 08:59 am

Ban Ki-moon, Ulrich Hackenberg, Francois Cuenot.

Ban-Ki-moon“It is time to reshape the world’s transport systems for a cleaner, safer and more sustainable future.”

UN General Secretary Ban Ki-moon urges the world’s transport ministers gathered at the International Transport Forum in Leipzig to rethink and “accelerate” their transport policies to help slow down climate change. His appeal comes ahead of the upcoming international climate gathering in New York (Sept.) and Paris (Dec.).

Ulrich-Hackenberg“An Audi electric car first and foremost has to be fun to drive. It must not be a “forego car,” but has to offer rather more instead than our cars today – and those of Tesla.”

Audi’s head of R&D, Ulrich Hackenberg, is obviously ready for the fight. Hackenberg insists that the upcoming electric Audi crossover will come in 2018. But who knows what Tesla holds in store over the coming years.
unternehmen-heute.de (in German)

Francois-Cuenot“Europe now needs to fully enforce the new rules from 2017 to bring an end to dirty diesels.”

Francois Cuenot of Transport & Environment calls to end uncertainty on Euro-6 compliancy which might be achieved through the EU´s Real Driving Emission (RDE) testing. However, lobbyists call the proposal in parts obscure (we reported).


Mar 10, 2015 - 09:18 am

Joachim Fetzer, Ulrich Hackenberg, Dieter Zetsche.

Joachim-Fetzer“I believe we will soon be able to deliver the best batteries from Europe, including the cells.”

Joachim Fetzer, head of electric mobility at Bosch, is certain that a decision about battery cell production in Europe will not be made until 2018. He also believes that Tesla will be able to reduce battery costs to 100 euros/kWh (109 dollars/kWh).
automobil-industrie.vogel.de (in German)

Ulrich-Hackenberg“It’s a more passenger orientated car, so for more than two passengers. But it will be a car which can be used by families that have some money, it is premium. It will have a big battery capacity and a range of more than 500km (313 miles). We will make a presentation soon.”

Audi’s head of engineering Dr. Ulrich Hackenberg confirms that Audi will take on the Tesla Model X with a large, all-electric SUV with a range of more than 300 miles.

Dieter-Zetsche“As proven by Tesla, there can be a market at the other side of the range as well. If that is a possibility, we are investigating.”

Daimler CEO Dieter Zetsche hinted at the Geneva Motor Show that Mercedes may be working on an electric limousine. He also said that the reason EVs have not been successful (yet), is because they tend to be in cheaper segments.

Feb 5, 2015 - 09:21 am

Volkmar Denner, Ulrich Hackenberg, Environmental NGOs.

Volkmar-Denner“Electrification will take combustion engines to new heights.”

Bosch CEO Volkmar Denner is setting his hopes on hybrid technology here and strongly believes in an electrified future. He uses e-bikes as an example: Bicycles were mechanic until the pedelec came along and changed the market completely.
automotiveit.com, bosch-presse.de (e-bike, in German)

Ulrich-Hackenberg“From a pure engineering standpoint, the best solution is a plug-in diesel hybrid if you’re talking about the ideal balance between high performance, low fuel consumption and long range. This is because you couple the advantages of the diesel with those of a plug-in hybrid powertrain.”

Ulrich Hackenberg, head of technical development for Audi, once again enforces the manufacturer’s stance on hybrid technology. He does admit however, that in the wake of emission regulations, plug-in gasoline hybrids are more likely.

European-Flag“Europe is falling behind in the global race to electrified transport with Japan and Korea in the lead, China catching up quickly and the US investing heavily. If Europe sticks mostly to diesel, the risk to the global competitiveness of the European automotive industry is real.”

This is an excerpt from a letter sent to 28 EU Commissioners by eight environmental organisations calling for electrification of transport in Europe.
euractiv.com, transportenvironment.org (letter, PDF)

Jul 31, 2014 - 08:18 am

Ulrich Hackenberg, Mark Duvall, Cliff Fietzek.

Ulrich-Hackenberg“The hybrid will be another argument to go for diesel in the U.S.”

Audi’s chief developer Ulrich Hackenberg sees the upcoming Q7 diesel-hybrid as a vehicle to introduce the fuel to the States and said “Diesel will remain one of the core values” of the German brand.

Mark-Duvall“In Santa Clara County over ten percent of new vehicles sales are plug-in vehicles. So it’s not just that you know someone who knows someone that owns a vehicle; it’s now every day.”

Mark Duvall, Electric Power Research Institute, at the Plug-In Conference in San Jose, California, where he said that EVs are not an exception anymore but have arrived in every day life.

Cliff-Fietzek“It’s not a niche market anymore.”

Cliff Fietzek, manager of connected e-mobility at BMW, who was at the same conference could not agree more with what Duvall said.


Jul 23, 2014 - 08:23 am

Elon Musk, Ulrich Hackenberg, Sohinder Gill.

Elon-Musk“It will be possible to have a 500-mile range car. In fact we could do it quite soon, but it would increase the price. Over time you could expect to have that kind of range.”

Tesla CEO Elon Musk presents himself as cost-conscious as ever when talking about the future of batteries as he sees it. Even for the Model III he expects a 200-mile range for about 35,000 dollars.

Ulrich-Hackenberg“We will use all the technologies we can – 48-volt electrification, starter-generator and electric compressors – to give the customer what they want whilst reducing emissions.”

Audi’s chief developer Ulrich Hackenberg is keeping his options all wide open and advocates for diesel technology – once more.

Sohinder-Gill“The target of the plan is to have 6-7 million electric vehicles on the Indian roads by 2020. It will help save 2.2-2.5 million tonnes of fuel.”

Sohinder Gill, Director of the Society of Manufacturers of Electric Vehicles (SMEV), on the Indian government’s ‘National Electric Mobility Mission Plan 2020.’

Mar 4, 2014 - 10:02 am

Ulrich Hackenberg, Jean-Pierre Fouquet.

Ulrich-Hackenberg“We will offer both as plug-in hybrids. We will take one step at a time in this case and offer the drivetrains first, which are the most appropriate for the respective markets. Then we will enlarge our offers.”

Ulrich Hackenberg, head of technical development for Audi, talks about the upcoming A4 and Q7. He believes that the plug-in versions will sell especially well in California, for instance.
manager-magazin.de (in German)

anonym“Offering a selling price for a PHEV in a segment where the competition has an HEV… is a strong move for Renault, in terms of concept and for Renault’s goal of ‘mobility accessible to everyone.'”

Jean-Pierre Fouquet, head of Renault’s new PHEV project, says that battery prices will have to drop before the Renault PHEV will hit the road. So far, the carmaker leases the battery to drivers, but the target price of the new vehicle is said to include it.

Jan 21, 2014 - 09:34 am

Mike Tinskey, Shiro Nakamura, Ulrich Hackenberg.

Mike-Tinskey“Ford believes that offering a range of electrified vehicles is the best way to reduce CO2 emissions, deliver leading fuel economy across our lineup and meet different customers’ transportation needs. To do this, we are electrifying global vehicle lines rather than creating a single, special electrified vehicle model.”

Mike Tinskey is Ford’s director of vehicle electrification and infrastructure. He finally came round to publish a response to Tesla’s provocative thesis, which stated that big car companies were too rigid to make a smooth transition to EVs.

Shiro-Nakamura“It’s not just at the concept level. We are making serious progress with in-wheel motors; cost is becoming less of an issue, and at a certain point we would like to use in-wheel motors.”

Nissan’s Head of Design, Shiro Nakamura, on the possibility of in-wheel motors for new electric vehicles, which he believes to become a USP in the future.

Ulrich-Hackenberg“Instead of 215 kilometres, technical innovation will enable us to hit the 400-kilometre mark. Furthermore, battery prices are falling.”

Ulrich Hackenberg, Audi’s chief-developer, on the hybrid super-car R8 e-tron, which will most probably go into small scale production after all.
welt.de (In German)

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