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Apr 26, 2017 - 11:41 am

Vincent Bolloré, Wolfgang Duerheimer.

Vincent-Bollore“When we started, we were almost alone. Now, everyone makes electric cars and we aren’t competitive compared to immense brands.”

Vincent Bolloré once helped building up Paris’ auto-sharing network. The French billionaire now admitted that his EVs can’t compete anymore in the private car market. Instead, Bollore wants to focus on his battery business Blue Solutions SA and on buses, services and stationary storage.

Wolfgang-Duerheimer“There is quite a lot of potential that rallycross will be electrified in the future with a very powerful car – around 800 bhp.”

Audi’s motorsport boss Wolfgang Duerheimer shares his thoughts about a potential electrification of the World Rallycross Championship, underlining that its race distances could easily be covered on battery power.

Jun 23, 2015 - 08:41 am

AAA Colorado, Vincent Bolloré.

Reading tip I: The U.S. roadside assistance company AAA in Colorado has introduced a charging station on wheels. The “Electric Vehicle Mobile Charging Unit” features a Level 2 charger, to help out stranded EV drivers if needed.
colorado.aaa.com via insideevs.com

Reading tip II: The New York Times writes that Vincent Bolloré, head of the carsharing scheme Autolib’ in Paris and now a similar service in London, has a long-term goal: Using the sharing schemes to show that Bolloré battery technology can rival i.e. Panasonic and LG Chem.

Mar 19, 2015 - 10:12 am

Vincent Bolloré, Pawan Goenka.

Vincent-Bollore“The key element in an electric vehicle isn’t the vehicle, it’s the electrical systems.”

Vincent Bolloré from the French company of the same name has set his eyes firmly on the aftermarket for EV batteries, using them as energy storage devices. He believes the market to be worth “hundreds of billions of dollars.”

Pawan-Goenka“We remain very optimistic that electric vehicles will become a significant portion, about two-five per cent of the Indian automotive industry, in the next four-five years.”

Pawan Goenka, Executive Director and President (Automotive & Farm Equipment sectors) at Mahindra, seems to have a careful but not entirely hopeless approach to electric vehicles. He continues to push for government incentives to speed up EV adoption.


Jan 30, 2015 - 09:35 am

Vincent Bolloré, Nihar Patel.

Vincent-Bollore“We’ve embarked on a very different path, which is a people’s electric car, democratic, that everyone can use. Tesla positioned itself on the completely opposite end of the range. Overall, all this goes toward the same direction and this is very positive.”

Vincent Bolloré believes that his affordable approach to electrification is the best way to fight pollution. Bolloré also announced that he is targeting Los Angeles and Singapore as the next markets for his electric car-sharing.

Nihar-Patel“We think that the federal credit expiration last year puts hydrogen customers in a fairly disadvantageous position.”

Nihar Patel, vice president of North American Business Strategy for Toyota, wants fuel cell car drivers in the U.S. to receive the same advantages as BEV drivers do. At the end of December, the U.S. federal government let the 8,000 dollar tax credit for hydrogen-powered vehicles expire.

Sep 12, 2014 - 08:25 am

Vincent Bolloré, Maxime Picat, René Takens.

Vincent-Bollore“Every week the mayor of one of the world’s big cities comes to gather information from us.”

Vincent Bolloré, head of Bolloré Bluecars, here might come across bragging but he is standing on solid grounds as his company just agreed on an extensive cooperation with Renault (we reported) which will give Bolloré “industrial muscle,” as he put it.

Maxime-Picat“In all our scenarios, electric cars by 2020 hold a market share of five percent at the most.”

Maxime Picat, Peugeot board member and general director, is still no fan of electric vehicles for much the same reasons as before: they are expensive, do not have enough range and charging infrastructure is insufficient.
diepresse.com (in German)

Rene-Takens“The e-bike product group does hold a danger in itself. This concerns the safety of speed pedelecs.”

Accell CEO René Takens is asking the industry to take responsibility for the S-Pedelec segment. So far, European legislation as well as classification for these bikes, which can do up to 45 kph on pedal-assistance, is often far from being unambiguous.

Found on electrive.com
26.04.2017 11:05