Vincent Bolloré, Nihar Patel.

Vincent-Bollore“We’ve embarked on a very different path, which is a people’s electric car, democratic, that everyone can use. Tesla positioned itself on the completely opposite end of the range. Overall, all this goes toward the same direction and this is very positive.”

Vincent Bolloré believes that his affordable approach to electrification is the best way to fight pollution. Bolloré also announced that he is targeting Los Angeles and Singapore as the next markets for his electric car-sharing.

Nihar-Patel“We think that the federal credit expiration last year puts hydrogen customers in a fairly disadvantageous position.”

Nihar Patel, vice president of North American Business Strategy for Toyota, wants fuel cell car drivers in the U.S. to receive the same advantages as BEV drivers do. At the end of December, the U.S. federal government let the 8,000 dollar tax credit for hydrogen-powered vehicles expire.


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