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Feb 28, 2018 - 04:31 pm

Bosch says No to battery cell production in Europe

It is a clear “Nein” to producing its own cells that Bosch has sent over the wires, saying the investment would be too risky. The decision crushes hopes of EU politicians who had wanted the German supplier on board the planned Battery Alliance. For Bosch, the No is total.

Apr 4, 2016 - 08:43 am

Happy brithday electrive.net!

The German version of our daily newsletter, electrive.net, celebrates its 5th birthday today! Some 12,000 readers get their EV news through our service everyday, making electrive.net the leading B2B platform for news about electric mobility in German speaking countries. The industry service already sent out 1,239 newsletters – what an accomplishment. We congratulate the German team and wish them another successful five years to come.
electrive.net (data and team; in German)


Jul 28, 2015 - 08:13 am

Volkmar Denner, J.B. Straubel, Craig Scott.

Volkmar-Denner“For us the new players on the market are attractive new customers, who we take very seriously. This is true for Tesla, for Google and many others as well. Players from these industries have a new spirit, a new tempo. That inspires and drives us.”

Bosch CEO Volkmar Denner is keen on new technology and the competition it provides. While being convinced that electric mobility is already competitive today, especially for pedelecs, in terms of battery technology, there is still room for improvement.
tagesspiegel.de (in German)

Jeffrey-B-Straubel“We don’t want to just make cars electric. We need to link electric cars all the way back to where the energy comes from. It has to be renewable energy to really make the difference that we want to do.”

Tesla CTO J.B. Straubel carries the environmental banner before projecting that the tipping point of when green technology will make sense economically will be reached within the next 10 years.

Craig-Scott“I often say that the infrastructure is a generation behind the vehicle. And that’s something that’s going to have to be resolved and reconciled pretty quickly [over] these next two years as we ramp up sales and as other manufacturers come online.”

Craig Scott, national alternative fuel vehicle manager at Toyota, comments on the lack of hydrogen infrastructure. While Japan is getting there, the U.S. has not “Mirai-friendly” policies in place.

Apr 30, 2015 - 08:29 am

Simon Cook, Volkmar Denner, Michael Liebreich.

Simon-Cook“Life has been quite tough for electric van manufacturers so far. Market penetration in the UK has been very low. However, what our research suggests is that the situation will improve over time and that more LCV fleets will give the technology a chance in the medium term.”

Simon Cook, Fleet LCV leader at GE Capital UK, has real data to underline his analysis. According to the company´s research, 34 percent of fleet managers are planning to introduce more all-electric commercial vehicles in the next two years. 16% are eyeing FCVs as an option while 29% favour range-extended EVs and 22% hybrids.

Volkmar-Denner“We have helped diesel to triumph. We will achieve the same for the electric drive.”

Bosch CEO Volkmar Denner says the supplier invests about 400 million euros a year in electric mobility and is currently working on 30 electric drive projects.
newfleet.de (in German)

Michael-Liebreich“This is a very significant ruling. It has to accelerate the shift to clean transportation in London and other cities around Europe. It could be just the jolt the electric vehicle industry is looking for.”

Michael Liebreich, founder of Bloomberg New Energy Finance, here comments on the UK’s Supreme Court ruling ordering the next British government to tackle air pollution which has been breaching EU limits for the last five years.

Mar 20, 2015 - 09:52 am

Volkmar Denner, Richard Branson, David Tulauskas.

Volkmar-Denner“In only 10 years, more than 15 percent of new vehicles worldwide will be electrified.”

Bosch CEO Volkmar Denner is certain that connected cars are the next big thing and that connectivity will make electric vehicles more suitable for everyday use.

Richard-Branson“We have teams of people working on electric cars. So you never know – you may find Virgin competing with the Tesla in the car business as we do in the space business. We will see what happens.”

Richard Branson, head of the Virgin Group, which is also involved in the Formula E. Are serial EVs next on the list?

David-Tulauskas“We see electrification as playing a very long-term, strategic role in the automobile industry. We need to transition from gas to electrification.”

GM’s sustainability director David Tulauskas comments on the carmaker’s carbon-cutting efforts and says that electrification is an important market for GM, also because it is [so far] the only company to produce its own batteries and EVs.


Feb 5, 2015 - 09:21 am

Volkmar Denner, Ulrich Hackenberg, Environmental NGOs.

Volkmar-Denner“Electrification will take combustion engines to new heights.”

Bosch CEO Volkmar Denner is setting his hopes on hybrid technology here and strongly believes in an electrified future. He uses e-bikes as an example: Bicycles were mechanic until the pedelec came along and changed the market completely.
automotiveit.com, bosch-presse.de (e-bike, in German)

Ulrich-Hackenberg“From a pure engineering standpoint, the best solution is a plug-in diesel hybrid if you’re talking about the ideal balance between high performance, low fuel consumption and long range. This is because you couple the advantages of the diesel with those of a plug-in hybrid powertrain.”

Ulrich Hackenberg, head of technical development for Audi, once again enforces the manufacturer’s stance on hybrid technology. He does admit however, that in the wake of emission regulations, plug-in gasoline hybrids are more likely.

European-Flag“Europe is falling behind in the global race to electrified transport with Japan and Korea in the lead, China catching up quickly and the US investing heavily. If Europe sticks mostly to diesel, the risk to the global competitiveness of the European automotive industry is real.”

This is an excerpt from a letter sent to 28 EU Commissioners by eight environmental organisations calling for electrification of transport in Europe.
euractiv.com, transportenvironment.org (letter, PDF)

Feb 2, 2015 - 09:32 am

Barry Gardiner, Volkmar Denner, David Bushnell.

Barry-Gardiner“Hands up. There is absolutely no question that the decision that we took was the wrong decision. At that time we didn’t have the evidence that subsequently we did have and we had cleaner diesel engines which we thought meant that any potential problem was a lower grade problem than the problem we’re try to solve of CO2.”

Labour’s shadow environment minister Barry Gardiner says that encouraging diesel cars in order to lower carbon emissions in the UK was the wrong decision. Now, Islington Council increased the cost of parking permits for diesels, hoping to get rid of them by 2023.

Volkmar-Denner“It would be a waste to begin mass producing these technologies.”

Dr. Volkmar Denner, chairman of the Bosch board of management, is still not convinced of current battery technology for electric cars. The company focuses on R&D for new battery cells to offer higher ranges and less weight at lower costs.
stuttgarter-nachrichten.de (in German)

David-Bushnell“We expected orders of EVs to double in 2015, but initial figures suggest that we could see an even greater increase. We’re only one month into the year and already we’ve taken one fifth of the total amount of orders that we took in the whole of 2014.”

David Bushnell, eMobility Consultant at Alphabet, says that increasing investments in charging infrastructure and subsidies for electric car buyers are driving the company’s EV orders at a faster pace than initially expected.

May 5, 2014 - 09:19 am

Volkmar Denner.

Volkmar-Denner“We have to remain realistic. When we predicted a few years ago that by 2020 ten percent of the cars will be electrified, we were the only ones doing so. By now, the whole industry shares this view.”

Bosch-director Volkmar Denner in an interview talking about Bosch’s future plans to get more independent of the automotive industry and about it visions for the Internet of Things.
welt.de (in German)

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