Bosch to invest 20bn to enter cell production industry?

Bosch CEO Volkmar Denner says that a final decision, whether Bosch starts to produce battery cells, won’t be taken before next year, according to the “Handelsblatt”. But he gives more specific numbers for the first time.

Thus, Denner states that a leading position in the battery cell business would need a market share of approximately 20 percent. As he considers a demand of an overall battery capacity of 1,000 GWh to be likely in 2030, he concludes that Bosch would have to generate 200 GWh until then, taking into account an investment sum of around 20bn euros. The money would not be “any problem” for Bosch, but such a step should be well-considered, according to Denner. Anyway, Bosch would not invest into current battery tech, but try to boost up solid-state battery solutions., (pay wall)


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