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Apr 12, 2022 - 03:22 pm

Winnipeg Transit to decarbonise entire bus fleet

Winnipeg Transit, providing bus services in the capital of the Canadian province of Manitoba, plans to put a total of 110 battery and fuel cell buses into service by 2027. Complete electrification is to be achieved by 2040.

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Jan 14, 2021 - 04:31 pm

Uber to expand Uber Green services

Ride-hailing company Uber is expanding its Uber Green service with electric and hybrid cars in North America. After launching in 15 cities last September, Uber has announced plans to make the service available in 1,400 more cities and towns.

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Dec 7, 2015 - 09:27 am

My Electric Avenue, Belfast, Toyota, Nissan, Winnipeg.

How many EVs for UK grid? The project “My Electric Avenue” finds that the grid will need to be upgraded when 40 to 70 percent of people in the UK drive electric. The project is also working on “Esprit,” a more cost-effective piece of technology that can regulate EVs charging when demand is too high.
autocar.co.uk, electriccarsreport.com, myelectricavenue.info

Hybrids for Belfast: The Northern Irish city has ordered 30 Van Hool Exqui.City trambuses with hybrid diesel-electric drives. It will be the first right-hand drive trambus in the UK and will go into service from September 2018.

Mobile H2: Since the density of H2 filling stations in California is still lacking, Toyota is sending temporary hydrogen stations to dealerships to meet demand. The technology is provided by Air Products & Chemicals and one mobile fuelling station can fill about the half of a Mirai’s tank.
carscoops.com, hybridcars.com

Nissan charges Twin Cities: The carmaker’s “No Charge to Charge” programme has arrived in Minneapolis-Saint Paul. It is the 22nd market for the initiative and allows LEAF drivers to charge for free at public chargers for two years after purchase.
automotiveworld.com, insideevs.com

Electric airport: The James Armstrong Richardson International Airport in the Canadian city of Winnipeg has installed eight EV charging stations for public use. Another six stations will follow and will be used to power electric carts to transport luggage between the airplanes and terminals.

Dec 2, 2015 - 09:35 am

Kandi, Winnipeg, Wellington, Fortum.

Sharing Chinese EVs: Kandi announced that its EV joint venture with Geely plans to deliver 2,000 Kandi electric vehicles to ZuoZhongYou in Hainan. The electric cars are destined for a Micro Public Transportation (MPT) programme in Haikou. Delivery is expected by the end of 2015.

All-electric public transport? Canadian Winnipeg is looking into replacing its entire bus fleet with electric vehicles. One such bus is already running and together with manufacturer Manitoba the city explores the conversion of 618 buses to electric. The report is expected in spring 2016.
cbc.ca, winnipegsun.com

All-electric public fleet? New Zealand’s capital Wellington plans to put an EV charging network in place that shall span the entire region. A working group will be set up including local councils to see how to get the infratsructure in place. Once set up the councilors vowed to replace their existing fleet with electric vehicles possibly starting by March 2016.

Fortunate take over: Fortum expands its Charge & Drive network in Norway as it acquires ten EV charging stations from EV Power in Trøndelag. The firm will extend the existing spots to include two fast-chargers and one semi-fast charging station with twin outlets and also plans to install additional ones.

Dec 1, 2014 - 09:43 am

Volkswagen, Route 66, Seattle, Winnipeg, 360 Eco-Loop, Panasonic.

The Charge & Fuel card is a new initiative by Volkswagen. Together with an app, customers of VW and Audi will be able to charge their hybrids or EVs at more than 1,200 German charging stations by RWE, EnBW, and Ladenetz.de and to refuel them at around 10,800 stations in the network of UTA. Payments are taken at the end of the month while charging will be free in the first six months.

Route 66 to be electrified: Charging stations will be installed along parts of the Mother Road. Eight cities in Illinois, namely Plainfield, Dwight, Pontiac, Normal, Lincoln, Springfield, Carlinville and Edwardsville will install at least one fast charger each. Time for Harley’s LiveWire to hit the road…
daily-chronicle.com, myjournalcourier.com

Seattle is to follow California’s lead on promoting the use of EVs, as Governor Jay Inslee voices his ideas to explore tax breaks and the use of car pool lanes. Furthermore, Seattle is to get more EV charging stations and developers will be encouraged to include EV fast charge points in their planning.
thestate.com, khq.com

First e-bus in Winnipeg: The Canadian town has started its regular electric bus service on a 40-km route. A total of four New Flyer Xcelsior electric buses will be operated by Winnipeg Transit for a four year test period and charged via a roof mounted pantograph at the Winnipeg Richardson Airport.
newswiretoday.com, winnipegfreepress.com

Philippine electric shuttles: Electric Vehicle Expansion Enterprise (EVEEI) and Filinvest Land launched the ‘360 Eco-Loop’ in Filinvest City, a commercial business district in southern Metro Manila. Ten EVs stop at 26 pick-up points every ten minutes. By the end of next year, the shuttle service is to expand to include 40 so-called e-Jeepneys.
gmanetwork.com, mb.com.ph, manilastandardtoday.com

Panasonic opens Smart City: The ‘Fujisawa Sustainable Smart Town’ at the outskirts of Tokyo is designed to generate its own energy, also used to power various EVs and e-bikes. Due for completion by 2018, the city will include the ‘Car Life Lab’ where EVs can be test driven as early as this month.
news.panasonic.com, panasonic.net


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