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Jun 28, 2016 - 09:05 pm

Video Interview: Neil Roth, Xtreme Green Electric Vehicles.


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When we talk about electric mobility, we often think along the lines of Tesla, BMW or maybe e-bikes – but all-terrain vehicles? Well, we should, said Neil Roth, COO of the Las Vegas-based company Xtreme Green Electric Vehicles when we spoke to him at the Hanover Trade Fair. “You’d be surprised. There are a lot more people using electric specialty vehicles, than there are people using electric car vehicles,” he adds. Police, border patrol, parks and recreation – they all benefit from these small EVs. And the climate does as well. When replacing a petrol-powered car with an electric one, the savings of carbon emission “are minimal,” Roth explains, “because they already have all the catalytic converters.” That’s not the case for ATVs or UTVs. And “they make sense from a financial standpoint.” Best watch the whole interview to see what other hidden advantages these little power-houses have.

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28.06.2016 21:35