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Tesla trip trend: Driving from coast to coast in a Model S seems to be the next big thing in the states. Just recently a father-daughter team drove from New York to Los Angeles. Two more teams are already lined up and plan to complete the trip along the Supercharger route in only three days. Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk said that he will go from east coast to west coast as well, taking the whole family with him some time around spring break.
transportevolved.com (Father & daughter), transportevolved.com (3-day record)

Green bridge: Five Mitsubishi i-MiEV now patrol on the longest bridge in Southeast Asia, the Penang Bridge in Malaysia. Seven charging stations have been set up on the toll plaza, two of them being fast chargers. The i-MiEV is the first electric vehicle being sold in Malaysia.

Birmingham charged-up: A network of 36 charging stations has been installed by the city’s council. The ‘Evolt’ charge points by APT Technologies can be found at 18 locations across Birmingham. The initiative is part-funded by the Government’s ‘Plugged-in Midlands’ programme, which plans to install about 500 charge points across the British Midlands.

eVgo combo: The Californian charging network operator is ramping up its installations with now 18 stations open or in construction and 22 in the permitting process. Every site has at least one AC level 2 and one DC connection. Eventually all sites will have the Combo connector, said Terry O’Day, vice president of eVgo.

Electric chauffeur service: London-based Thriev car hire has just leased 20 electric e6 from BYD. Additionally, a fast charge point will be installed at the company’s headquarters. Thriev’s decision followed the Mayor’s plans for London to only allow zero-emission cabs by 2018.


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