Mitsubishi Electric, Fraunhofer ESK, Toyota, UK.

mitsubishi-electricCompact motor: Mitsubishi Electric’s latest prototype for a new EV drive system comes with a built-in silicon-carbide inverter, thus making it very compact. Thanks to similar figures in volume and power, the new motor will be able to be used as a replacement part for current motors. Before commercialisation, cooling technologies will have to be finalised.,

V2G demonstration: At the Hannover Trade Fair in April, the Fraunhofer ESK will present a charging station serving as an interoperable node between EV and the grid’s control center using the ISO/IEC 15118 and IEC 61850 standards. The researchers designed their model as reference for utility providers still hesitating to apply the standards.

Inductive charging trial: Toyota will be testing its wireless charging technology in Aichi, Japan. If successful, the Japanese carmaker believes its inductive system could reduce charging times to 90 minutes.,

How-to for flooded EVs: With great parts of the UK currently being hit by floods, this guide might be helpful to some EV drivers right now. Transport Evolved sums up the most important advices if your car has been gone under water. Hopefully you will never need it!


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