Feb 17, 2014

Iran, Siemens, EP Tender, Technical University of Aachen.

Iran goes hybrid: The country’s leading carmaker Iran Khodro Company (IKCO) said they have completed the development of a plug-in hybrid car. The ‘Runna’ reaches up to 120 km/h and will go 70 to 80 km all-electrically on a charge. First tests are scheduled for summer.

Hot H2: Siemens has developed ceramic electrolytic cells for electrolysis at 850 degrees Celsius. Not only does the high-temperature process increase efficiency, it also makes it possible to reverse the flow of electricity.

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Range extender on demand: The EP Tender by French inventor Jean-Baptiste Segard is essentially a gasoline engine, build onto a small trailer. The trailer can be hitched to any EV to help it go that extra mile.
autoweek.com (Video)

More than just a toy: As part of the ASTE project, students and engineers at the Technical University of Aachen built a miniature Unimog made out of Lego and featuring a fully functional parallel hybrid drive. The goal is to better explain alternative drives to students.
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