Mar 4, 2014

Honda, Suntour, Shareroller.

Filling up more quickly: Honda opens an innovative H2-fueling station in California, equipped with the so-called MC Fill fueling process. The technology absorbs heat generated during refuelling, meaning a vehicle can be filled up in half the time compared to how long it takes at other H2-stations. The Japanese carmaker hopes to make MC Fill an industry standard.

Suntour develops new motor for e-bikes: The prototype can reach up to 400 watts at 36 V. It also features a new sensor technology that can measure torque, speed and rotation more accurately.

Electrify my bicycle: Shareroller offers an ‘electrification kit‘ that fits to bikes from any bikesharing service in the U.S., Canada, or London and would turn it into an e-bike. A retractable wheel is positioned on the front wheel, producing power and allowing for speeds up to 29 kph (18 mph). The kit will cost between 1,350 and 1,650 dollars and will be available as of August.