IEEM, Green Automotive, XL Hybrids, Dukosi, BYD.

Range optimisation: The Institute for Energy Efficient Mobility (IEEM) and the University of Applied Sciences in Karlsruhe, Germany, is researching to find an ideal connection between energy management and route navigation in electric vehicles. For that, they employ a series of new algorithms. (in German)

GAC expands: The U.S. company Green Automotive Co. announced that it entered into a purchase agreement with UK remanufacturing business Transhock and that it will venture into the remanufacturing business of batteries and EV parts.

New commercial hybrid presented: XL Hybrids debuts its new electric powertrain technology XL3 for commercial vehicles. The company claims that the new system can save up to 25 percent of fuel, compared to its predecessor. The technology will be integrated into FedEx and Coca-Cola delivery trucks.,

Dukosi wants to go the distance: The Edinburgh-based company is allotted 320,000 pounds (535,000 dollars) from Par Equity and the Scottish Investment Bank to further develop its “Electric Vehicle Optimisation Integrated Circuit (EVoIC)” system, which can supposedly increase the range of EVs by up to 15%. The company wants to achieve this by monitoring every battery cell individually to “squeeze the maximum energy from the batteries.”

BYD full of ideas: The Chinese carmaker registered some 2,099 patents in China 2013. To date, BYD has registered a total of 8,000 international and 12,000 domestic patents, including various for electric drivetrains, recuperation systems and fire-safe iron-phosphate chemistries.


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