Jive, New York, Tesla Gigafactory.

Electric folder: The new concept e-bike called Jive from London can be controlled wirelessly through a smartphone. The motor in the frontwheel is powered by a battery and chain which are both integrated in the frame. The crowdfunding campaign looking for 100 Londoners to get the Jive exclusively has found 83 backers so far.
value-e-bikes.com.au, jivebike.com

New York State will spend 1.4 million dollars on research and development of energy storages. 622,000 dollars are reserved for projects for batteries used in transport. Here, Cornell and Columbia Uni and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute are beneficiaries.

Lithium demand of Gigafactory: Tesla’s latest project is already keeping analysts busy. The Bank of America predicts that the Gigafactory will use 9,000 tons lithium carbonate a year as soon as it is running with full capacity. Goldman Sachs believes Tesla will use 15,000 to 25,000 tons a year.


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