Toyota, Daimler, Perrinn.

Fuel-cell bus and industrial vehicles by Toyota: On top of developing the 2015 FCV passenger car, the carmaker is also contriving an H2-bus together with Hino Motors, which is said to hit the roads by 2016. Moreover, Toyota is focusing on the development of fuel cell industrial vehicles, like a FC fork lift.

Electric S-Class? A Daimler manager said there might be an all-electric version of the S-class “in the future.” A more specific time frame would depend on the development of battery technologies.,

Hybrid racer by everyone: British race car manufacturer Perrinn has started an open source project to get the public involved in designing the (maybe) winner of the Le Mans race in 2015. Via ‘myTeam,’ everyone is invited to give their input to the design of the hybrid-powered race car., (project website)


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