Proton OnSite, Inmares, Volvo.

Proton electrolyser for Hamburg: U.S.-based Proton OnSite has been chosen to install its proton exchange membrane (PEM) electrolyser as part of the new H2 fuelling station by H2 Logic in Hamburg, Germany (we reported). The first proton electrolyser for the refuelling of hydrogen vehicles in Germany was installed in 2012 at Fraunhofer ISE’s solar-powered refuelling station in Freiburg.,

Electric test carriage: Aaglander, manufacturer of motorised carriages, says it is pleased with the outcome of this year’s motor show in Geneva. The ‘Connected Dual Servo-Drive’ (we reported) on display is a joint development of Linde Material Handling and Inmares AG and will be put to the test as drive in a carriage in six weeks time. Further applications are in the pipeline and soon to be revealed. (in German)

Magnets for autonomous driving: To allow self-driving cars to locate their position on the road more precisely, Volvo is currently testing a rather low-tech solution. By embedding ferrit magnets in the road, a invisible ‘railway’ is enabling the positioning of a car with an inaccuracy of less than one decimetre. The carmaker is planning on putting 100 autonomous driving cars for trial on Swedish roads starting in 2017.,


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