University of Tokyo, Tucson, Mie University, IEC, CHAdeMO.

Dual-ion battery: Researchers at the University of Tokyo, Japan, have developed a ‘Dual-ion battery’ using a calcium iron oxide cathode, sodium ion electrolyte and metallic sodium anode. This could make batteries cheaper as it is possible to use cathode materials that do not contain scarce elements.

Arizona bids for Gigafactory: Tucson, Arizona has made a formal proposal to Tesla to build their battery facility there. The city hopes to attract the Californian carmaker with additional tax incentives and various transport links. Tesla has not made a decision yet but apparently does not consider its homeland California an option anymore.

Hannover, Messe, April, 2014, Fachbesucher

Aqueous lithium air battery: Researchers at Mie University, Japan, have developed a protected lithium electrode for aqueous lithium air batteries. The system is said to have an energy density of more than 300 Wh/kg, about double as much as current commercial li-ion batteries.

CHAdeMO official standard: The FDIS (final draft international standard) for 61851-23 and -24 were finally approved by the IEC technical committees and have been published on the IEC website. The publication was the last step of the standardisation process thus making CHAdeMO an official standard for DC charging of EVs., (standard)


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