Mar 21, 2014

Norbert Reithofer, Unnamed Volkswagen official.

Norbert-Reithofer“We believe the electric motor is a future technology for zero-emission driving in urban areas.”

BMW-CEO Norbert Reithofer sees demand for electric vehicles grow especially in larger cities. For long distances, however, he still sees EVs with fuel cell technology leading the way.

anonym“We are still in the process of carrying out research into the potential of electric mobility for vans but it is already clear there is a need for a commercial vehicle in the A-sector.”

A Volkswagen official in Berlin confirms that the carmaker will go ahead and build the van-version of its e-up, the e-load up. VW is said to present the model at this year’s IAA commercial vehicle show in Hannover (Germany) in September.

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21.03.2014 09:56