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A123, Electrolyte, Tesla, Hamburg.

A123’s re-orientation: The battery maker is selling its grid storage business and other assets related to telecom and IT data storage to NEC Corporation for approximately 100 million dollars. Furthermore, A123 Systems LLC is increasing its focus on the transportation market and is currently producing 12-volt micro-hybrid batteries for three different vehicle manufacturers.

ElectrolyteDividable e-bike: Bavarian Electrolyte showed its latest idea of an electric bicycle which can be easily disassembled in two pieces to be taken on the train, bus or other means of public transport. The manufacturer has yet to make a decision on the final design, but says it will defintivly introduce a compact e-bike.

Pedal displacement: According to Tesla owner David Noland, poor design of the both the acceleration and braking pedal in the Model S could lead the driver to push both pedals at the same time. But instead of displaying a warning message, Noland suggest Tesla to disable the accelerator instead in the rare circumstances this double-pedal state occurs.

Hamburg gets Energy Campus: The new research institute will host two laboratories for wind turbine generation and smart grid applications and be part of the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences. Hamburg’s mayor, Olaf Scholz, is referring to the new Energy Campus as the “Silicon Valley of renewal energies.” (in German)


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