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Electric car privileges by law: Transport minister, Alexander Dobrindt, reaffirmed his proposal for legislation to strengthen e-mobility in Germany. His ‘Elektromobilitätsgesetz’ (e-mobility bill) calls for designated license plates with an ‘E’ for electric vehicles, the regulation of charging infrastructure as well as funding for the research of fuel cell and battery technologies through the state-owned KfW bank. However, Dobrindt again dismissed monetary incentives for EV buyers. (in German), (in German)

Renault goes all in for the last remaining incentives in Norway and offers its Zoe at an ultra-low price from 191,980 kroner (32,000 dollar) – including a 3.7 kW wallbox and even the battery. Norway is the first market where the Zoe is available without the otherwise mandatory battery rental.

Chinese-German partnership: On his visit to Germany, China’s president Xi has strengthened economic relations between the two countries. VW’s Martin Winterkorn personally agreed to produce fuel cell and hybrid cars with its two Chinese partners FAW and SAIC and also Daimler and BMW pledged to increase their cooperative efforts with their partners in the east., (in German)

Hannover, Messe, April, 2014, Fachbesucher

Formula E race in NYC? The electric arm of the racing series is thinking about a street race in the shadows of the city’s skyscraper. Apparently, the decision depends on what is happening between New York and the classic Formula 1 who has been trying to host a race in the Big Apple since ages.

Driving the VW e-Up as an American citizen must have been a bit of a torture for John Voelcker. Not because he did not like it, no, he was having “a blast” in Berlin, but because Volkswagen will not offer its smallest electric car in the states as it does not comply with federal safety regulations.


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