Apr 8, 2014 - 09:16 am

SIM-Drive, Brusa, Bosch Engineering, ABB, Solar Impulse.

4 motors, 4 prototypes: Japanese SIM-Drive presented its fourth prototype featuring its in-wheel motors in all four wheels. The SIM-HAL (High efficiency All-wheel Link) is a two-seater with 350 hp or 260 kW combined power of all four drives.
technologicvehicles.com (with videos)

Twice as powerful: Swiss company Brusa says it doubled the power density of its two-component inductive charging system ICS. The increase to 7.2 kW is due to a new patented technology. A second generation ICS prototype will be presented this fall, while the development of the first generation is ongoing.

Fuel cell control unit: At the MobiliTec in Hannover, Bosch presents its new fuel cell control unit (FCCU) for off-highway vehicles like airport ground support equipment. The FCCU is based on hardware from Bosch’s automotive production, while the software is designed to increase energy efficiency.

ABB to support Solar Impulse: ABB forms a technology alliance with Swiss company Solar Impulse. Together, they plan an around-the-world flight in a solar-powered plane for next year.
cleantechnica.com, eco-business.com


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