Apr 14, 2014

Auto-Stack Core, Hyundai, MotorBrain.

European fuel cell development: The ‘Auto-Stack Core’ project aims to develop a new generation of fuel cells for vehicles as well as the basics for serial production by 2016. Project partners include car and component manufacturers as well as system-integration specialists in various European countries. Coordinated by German ZSW, the programme is backed with 14.7 millions euros, 7.7 from the EU.
springerprofessional.de (in German)

Li-sulfur battery: Hyundai researchers discovered a new electrolyte based on sulfone which improves performance of lithium-sulfur batteries. Tests showed an increase of capacity by more than 50%, while capacity rentention was raised by up to 70%.

Compact electric drive: Together Infineon, Siemens, ZF and TU Dresden presented a prototype called MotorBrain, a small and efficient motor system. It only weighs 77 kilo and is said to be able to increase the range of an EV by up to 25 miles. No rare earth metals are required for the MotorBrain.

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Found on electrive.com
14.04.2014 09:38