Apr 15, 2014

Dennis Nobelius, Jim York, Jack Hu.

Dennis-Nobelius“There will be everything from a mild hybrid to a pure electric version.”

Dennis Nobelius, vice-president of the ‘Vehicle Line 90’ programme, on Volvo’s plans for the XC90 which will even be offered with flywheel.

anonym“Range is an issue but not so much in our postal and urban operations.”

The higher costs of electric vehicles, on the other hand, are, says Jim York, Vice President of DPDHL’s GoGreen Initiative in Europe. He spoke at the E-Mobility NSR conference in London.
Source: Nora Manthey for electrive.com on site

Jack-Hu“It is possible to build a gigafactory. The key lies in the how. Battery manufacturing is a complex process involving many steps. If these steps are all dependent on each other, then the gigafactory would be a bad idea: difficult to run, a lot of down times; difficult to identify quality problems.”

Jack Hu, professor of industrial operations and engineering at Michigan Uni, on what it takes to make Tesla’s Gigafactory a reality and if that is even a good idea.