Dieter Zetsche, Moreno Fioravanti.

Dieter-Zetsche“A question is, when do you realistically see the next-generation batteries. Lithium air, lithium sulfur? No one has the answer to the next generation…it might be late for that kind of investment.”

Dieter Zetsche, Daimler CEO, has no intention to invest in Tesla’s Gigafactory. However, his reason might not be the fear to invest in a technology that could be obsolete by then but rather Daimler’s intent to produce its own cells. The company has just recently acquired two German battery businesses: Li-Tec Battery GmbH and Deutsche ACCUmotive GmbH (we reported).

Moreno-Fioravanti“We would like the Chinese e-bike makers to stop using these polluting batteries and want them to stop the export of e-bikes that have lead-acid batteries to Europe.”

Moreno Fioravanti represented EU industry associations COLIBI/COLIPED at recent talks with the China Bicycle Association (CBA). The aim is to harmonise safety standards for pedelecs and e-bikes on a global scale based on EN 15194.


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