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All-carbon battery: Power Japan Plus is developing a battery that uses carbon for both the anode and cathode. It is said to make charging up to 20 times faster than with Li-ion batteries while enabling up to 3,000 charging cycles. The company hired Kaname Takeya, who developed the cathode technology used today in Toyota’s Prius and Tesla.
gigaom.com, forbes.com

Smith-Electric-VehicleMutual self-interest: After production grounded to a halt for consolidation (we reported), Smith Electric Vehicles has found fresh capital. With its 41 million dollar-investment Chinese Sinopoly Battery will become a new shareholder and, in return, the exclusive supplier of batteries. Together, the companies will operate as FDG Electric Vehicles.
greencarcongress.com, electriccarsreport.com

On your watch: Consumer Reports took a close look at Tesla’s titanium shield at the underbody of the Model S. In the video Consumer Reports shows which modifications were done to their Model S test car to minimise the risk of road debris damaging the battery.
youtube.com via ecomento.com

E-Golf energy management: Volkswagen is using the second generation PTC high-voltage heaters from Eberspaecher catem for managing the heating for the electric Golf. The same technology with intelligent output control is also found inside the VW E-Up.


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