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Nippon Charge Service: This a new company was jointly formed by Toyota, Nissan, Honda and Mitsubishi. It is designed to foster development of charging infrastructure in Japan and is financially backed by the Development Bank of Japan (DBJ). The new company will also introduce a universally-accepted charging card for customers of all four carmakers.,

Fast-charger to go: The ‘ChargeBox’ by Swiss Designwerk promises charging at 22 kW almost everywhere. The box can be connected to Type 2 stations as well as regular industrial sockets and enables fast-charging via CCS and CHAdeMO. This convenience comes at a price however, as the ChargeBox starts at 15,000 Euro (20,000 dollars) or 16,500 Euro for the multi-connector version.

BMW’s efforts in China go further: The German carmaker announced that it and the State Grid Shanghai Electric Vehicle Co. will install 50 charging stations in Shanghai. The first CCS stations will stand near the former site of the 2010 Shanghai Expo and will provide charging service for BMW and other brands of electric cars.

Roadmap for ZEVs in the USA: The ‘Multi-State ZEV Action Plan’ will see eight states (California, Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island and Vermont) try to put 3.3 million Zero-Emission-Vehicles on their streets within the next eleven years. The focus is on three key areas – building the market, improve tracking and provide standards, as well as improve the experience of existing EV owners., (download action plan as pdf)

French e-carsharing competition: Bolloré will soon have a competitor on its domestic market. Wattmobile is set to start its electric carsharing service by June 19th, at train stations in Paris, Lille, Marseille and Lyon. Overall, the company plans to operate 20 stations in 15 cities, with six to be set up in the French capital.


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