Mitsubishi, Solar Impulse 2, Suitcase scooter, KDS, Efacec.

Mitsubishi-MiEV-EvolutionIIIMitsubishi’s “mountaineer”: The Japanese have unveiled the ‘MiEV Evolution III’ with which they will compete at this year’s Pikes Peak race. The upgraded electric racer comes with 450 kW and is thus 50kW stronger than its predecessor.,

Electric maiden flight: The ‘Solar Impulse 2’ solar aircraft has managed its inaugural 2.5-hour flight successfully. It is an upgraded version of the plane which carried Swiss Bertrand Piccard and Andre Borschberg across the United States. In 2015, the two pioneers plan to fly around the world powered only by the sun.,, (video of take-off)

Suitcase scooter: Chinese inventor He Liangcai has filed a patent for his electric suitcase, which not only carries luggage but the traveller as well. It has three wheels and a steering wheel, transforming any trolley into a mini e-scooter.

System solution for e-buses: Kinetics Drive Solutions and Efacec Electric Mobility from Portugal partner up to deliver fully integrated systems for electric buses to bus OEMs. Their NexDrive system is designed to be implemented on various platforms, while minimising engineering efforts. Efacec’s first e-bus using the system is set for operation in July.


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