Jun 19, 2014

Washington State University, Mercedes, BMW, Urine carbon.

Gasoline powered fuel cell: Researchers from Washington State University have developed a fuel cell that literally convert fuels such as kerosin into electricity. They claim it is a more energy-efficient way to create electric power for planes compared to a combustion engine.
sciencenewsline.com, nblo.gs

Mercedes ready for Austria: At the Canadian Grand Prix, both Mercedes race cars suffered a failure of the MGU-K energy recovery system as its power electronics overheated and forced Lewis Hamilton out of the race. The company is confident it has now solved the problem.

Audible Pedestrian Protection is the name for a new option for BMW’s electric offering. Buyers of the i3 or i8 can add the artificial sound generator, which warns pedestrian of the electric car’s silent approach with a “turbine-like” noise.

Powerful pee: To replace platinum in fuel cells scientists have now identified another potent source of carbon catalysts. A team from Korea University harvested porous urine carbon (URC) from human urine. Will this change the way we treat our everyday biological waste?
asianscientist.com, zeenews.india.com

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Most clicked link on Wednesday was the spy shot of a ghost – a VW GTE plug-in hybrid estate.

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