Jun 25, 2014 - 08:46 am

Hydrogen from ammonia, Lito GreenMotion, Shimano & Bosch, Lishen.

Hydrogen breakthrough? British researchers from ISIS Neutron Source facility in Oxfordshire managed to extract hydrogen from ammonia with the help of sodium. This might make expensive catalysts as well as H2 fuelling stations with high pressure tanks a thing of the past.
theengineer.co.uk, greencarcongress.com, acs.org

Lito-SoraSeries electric super bike: Canadian Lito GreenMotion has launched its Lito Sora. The electric motorcycle weighs 260 kilos, comes with a 12 kWh battery said to serve for up to 200 kilometres of range in city traffic. All this power made in Québec comes at the price of 49,000 euros (66,700 dollars).
technologicvehicles.com (with video)

Shimano to shift Bosch: The two companies announced a cooperation to make e-bike components more compatible. In a first step, an adapter has been developed that combines Shimano’s electronic shifting system Di2 with Bosch’s e-bike system. It is compatible for both, the Performance and Active line.

Lishen focusing on e-bikes: The Chinese battery supplier is to strengthen its European business by establishing cooperations with e-bike drivetrain manufacturers to integrate their cylindrical cells into their products. Furthermore, Lishen will open a service centre and warehouse in Germany to save lead times and financing costs for the company’s biggest customers.

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