Denmark, POD Point, University of Delaware, Juice Bar, Car2go.

Danish hydrogen effort: H2 Logic and Air Liquide formed the Copenhagen Hydrogen Network joint venture. The plan is to erect four H2 charging stations in Vejle, Aalborg and Copenhagen by the end of this year. In 2015, five more are to follow, to the extend of most Danes having a hydrogen station within a 15-kilometre reach.,

EV chargers for lease: POD Point from London partners with Tower Leasing to offer businesses a charging point to lease for three years and under 50 pounds per month. The company reckons that two charges a day would suffice to cover energy and rental costs.

Lease a Mini-E: The University of Delaware is offering a few BMW Mini-E EVs for lease as part of the ‘Grid on Wheels’ programme. This ongoing vehicle-to-grid (V2G) demo project will make the EVs available for lease at a price of 3,600 dollars a year, for two years.

Electricity Mini Bar: Juice Bar’s EV charging stations, which usually praise themselves for their branding opportunities, are now offered in a small version. The so-called Mini Bar combines both a level 2 and level 1 charger. Financing is available and starts from 99 dollars a month.

Car2go to expand in Minnesota: Daimler’s carsharing service signed an 18-month agreement with the city of St. Paul to deploy 185 of its car2go Smarts. Each vehicle will earn the city 975 dollars a year while metered parking is free for the rental cars.,


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