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Li-Ion battery degradation, DOE, Intelligent Energy, TUM.

Why Li-ion batteries get old: U.S. researchers have been able to analyse the changes in Li-ion cells during charging and discharging. The reason the cells degrade over time is a pattern of erosion that happens on the cathode and anode ends. The phenomenon is said to be comparable to that of rusting steel. Also similar is that a coating could help prevent degradation due to age.
bnl.gov, power-eetimes.com

DOE asks for input about FCVs: The U.S. Department of Energy asked researchers, industry, governmental bodies and stakeholders about the technical and economic feasibility of commercialising fuel cell range extenders. Among the specific questions raised is also whether it is possible to put refuelling infrastructure in place in the U.S.

Intelligent Energy raises millions: 55 million pounds or 94 million dollars, to be exact. The money was generated through the sale of stakes and will be used to bring a new technology for mobile phone chargers on the market. The company is Britain’s leading hydrogen and fuel cell company, with its main focus on the automotive industry and the development of high-density fuel cell stacks.
reuters.com, cleantechinvestor.com

Munich University makes batteries: The Institute for Machine Tool and Industrial Management there, has begun operations of its own research production line for lithium-ion batteries. The 200-square meter facility houses 20 productions stations, as well as a drying- and a cleanroom.
tum.de (in German)


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