Albemarle, Rockwood, SAE J2601, CiA 454, Visedo.

Billion dollar chemistry deal: The U.S. chemistry industry just sealed what is said to be its “biggest deal” ever, as Albemarle bought Rockwood for 6.2 billion dollars. The latter is the biggest among four companies which currently control 90% of the world’s lithium market. Albemarle sees the potential of the automotive industry as being especially attractive and expects a steep demand increase around 2017.,

Hydrogen fuelling standard: SAE International published its first standard for safe and quick refuelling of FCEVs. The SAE J2601 harmonises the protocol for hydrogen fuelling stations worldwide for both 35 MPa and 70 MPa systems.

Future-safe LEV standard: The EnergyBus organisation has issued an update of its communication interface standard for e-bikes and other light electric vehicles. The new version of the CiA 454 open communications standard is a commitment to all future developments, which are supposed to be compatible with older types of for example the charge-lock plug.

E-bus made in Finland: Manufactures of electric buses like French Safra or the Finnish VTT use drivetrains from Finnish Visedo. In a recent comparison organised by Veolia in Helsinki, these buses did stand out with impressive efficiency numbers, the company says.

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Most clicked link on Wednesday was Tesla’s decision to call its Model E the Model III.


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