TaxiBot, Samsung SDI, Envia Systems, CALEB & CalBattery.

TaxiBot-FraportA hybrid towtruck for plane taxiing is currently being tested by Lufthansa at Frankfurt Airport. The airline believes the diesel-electric TaxiBot could be approved in about two months as it already has passed the European Aviation Safety Agency’s (EASA) test. Once certified, the semi-electric taxiing could save up to 1.9 million euros (2.57m dollars) a year at the airport alone, Lufthansa said.,

Samsung future-safe: On its website, the Korean manufacturer is giving an outlook on energy density. According to that, Samsung SDI will increase the energy of its nickel-cobalt-manganese cells from 130 to 250 Wh/kg by 2019. At the turn of the decade, it plans to have lithium-air batteries ready. via

7.7-million dollar contract: The U.S. Advanced Battery Consortium LLC (USABC), jointly operated by Chrysler, Ford and GM, awarded a 7.7-million dollar contract to Envia Systems. The company will use the money for developing high-energy cathode and anode material in the next three years.

Californian battery JV: CALEB Technology and California Lithium Battery (CalBattery) plan to form a joint venture to produce Li-ion batteries for consumer electronic devices and power tools. Batteries for EVs are planned for the second generation with the first gen expected to arrive by 2016.

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Most clicked link on Tuesday was the most detailed Green Car Congress report on Volkswagen’s E-Golf strategy and production process, as well on the car itself.


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