Aug 13, 2014 - 08:22 am

Joe Barrett, Prabhakar Patil, German government.

joe-barrett“We think it’s going to be 2017 when you see wireless charging as a product or option while selecting a car.”

Joe Barrett, Senior Director at Qualcomm, who also revealed that the Formel E’s safety car, namely the BMW i8, will be charged using its company’s wireless charging technology.

Prabhakar-Patil“We are definitely working on making a 200-mile-range battery electric vehicle at around the 30,000 to 35,000-dollar price target.”

Prabhakar Patil, chairman of LG Chem Power, whose company is apparently working on a battery which will provide more range than most EVs on the market today but at a much lower price point.

anonym“The German government is of the opinion that there’s a large, still unused potential for freight bicycles, also with electric support, especially in the logistics and service transport in municipalities.”

This is the German government answering to a so-called brief enquiry by the Green Party regarding chancellor Angela Merkel’s thinking on electric cargo bikes and their potential to replace lorries for local freight transport.


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