Aug 18, 2014 - 08:34 am

RunWise, Polestar, EcoCAR3, Elco Motor Yachts.

Hydraulic-hybrid rubbish truck: RunWise is the first lorry of its kind. It features a series hybrid system, able to use hydraulic pressure to power the vehicle. While the engine charges the high-pressure hydraulic system when driving, the lorry will then collect the garbage at your home almost silently.

Optimising the Volvo V60 D6: Polestar, the Volvo tuning company, developed an upgrade for the plug-in hybrid, increasing power output by 15 hp to 298 hp and 670 Nm, making it the most powerful Volvo diesel car out there. Unfortunately, it is the combustion engine that is upgraded, not the electric motor.,

Hybridising the Chevy Camaro: As part of the third edition of the ecoCAR challenge, GM and the U.S. DOE will hand a Chevrolet Camaro to each of the 16 participating universities. The goal is to implement an electric-hybrid system without having to alter the design or performance of the iconic vehicle.

Introducing Elco Motor Yachts: The New York-based company used to build electric- and gasoline-powered ships in the first half of the century, and now focuses on providing electric drivetrains for marine use, suitable for yachts of up to 50 feet long. A smart move, considering that market for electric boats is expected to grow 150% between 2013 and 2023.


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