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More than Superchargers: Apparently, Tesla not only installs its fast-charging stations across the U.S., but also 80-amp high-power wallboxes at i.e. hotels and restaurants. Some 106 are already up and running and can be used by Tesla drivers free of charge.
wsj.com, teslamotorsclub.com

An additional one million dollars in funding has been approved by the California Energy Commission (CEC) for the installation of fast-chargers in the south of the U.S. state. The commission already provided 400 million dollars for EV infrastructure as part of its ARFVT programme.

EVision launches Tesla fleet: The 34 luxury EVs are available for hire in the UK – with or without a chauffeur. When renting just the vehicle, customers will have to pay 60 pounds (100 dollars) an hour or 350 pounds (580 dollars) for a day. EVision plans on running its fleet for at least three years.
transportevolved.com, fleetworld.co.uk, evdrive.co.uk

Charging stations for Pittsburg: CarCharging and Alco Parking have signed a partnership agreement. The former will set up Blink level-2 charge points at SouthSide Works, an open-air retail, office, resident and entertainment complex in the city.

Two H2 stations in Japan: Japanese company Osaka Gas will install two hydrogen stations by the end of the 2015 fiscal year, so by end of March. Whether the company will build more stations in the future will depend of sale figures of fuel cell vehicles in the country.
nblo.gs, japantimes.co.jp

Bologna electrifies last mile: The Italian city begins operation of four electric vans for last-mile delivery services of fruits and vegetables to the city centre. The MovingSun programme is being developed together with the local University and powered by solar panels on the roof of the city’s agribusiness centre.


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