Ford, Toyota, Lexus, Google.

Predictive hybrid drive: Ford is working on a system that will use GPS data to efficiently control the driving modes in its hybrid cars based on road conditions. The Green Zone system is still a few years away but could potentially even make use of information from vehicle-to-vehicle networks.,

Hydrogen tank inspections: Toyota can now carry these out itself during the vehicle manufacturing process. To achieve this, Toyota became the first registered manufacturer of 700 bar hydrogen tanks under Japan’s High Pressure Gas Safety Act. Before, every tank had to be inspected by the Pressure Gas Safety Institute of Japan (KHK) during its manufacturing and again upon its completion.,,

NX 300h safety features: The new hybrid car from Lexus will be equipped with numerous safety features such as a pre-crash safety system, adaptive cruise control, lane keep assist, blind spot monitor, rear cross traffic alert and automatic high beam. It is the first time for Lexus to offer the radar controlled pre-crash system as a standard feature.

Delivery drone from Google: In its Project Wing, Google is currently testing a drone for parcel delivery. The aircraft is propelled by four electric motors, which allow for two different flying modes – horizontal like an airplane and vertical like a helicopter. When in hovering mode, the parcels will be lowered by wire and dropped at the ground.,,


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