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Hamburg, BRD Motorcycles, REVolt, Peugeot.

Battery’s second-life: The harbour of the German city of Hamburg has taken two batteries of BMW i3 test vehicles into operation as energy storage for renewable energies. Together with utility provider Vattenfall, the Bavarian carmaker will test this type of recycling of its batteries over the course of five years. By then, batteries of current i3s and i8s with larger capacities will be available for similar projects., (both in German)

RedShift Revisited: Customers have longingly been waiting for the electric motor bike by BRD Motorcycles. Green Autoblog has gotten a peak of what is to come – a new prototype. It weighs 20 pounds less than its predecessor and comes with features the author is not allowed to mention at this point (keyword: cooling system). If the prototype will make it to production remains to be seen., (Company website)

Ship without a captain: Researchers at DNV GL have developed the REVolt, an electric boat that can drive itself at a speed of up to six knots. The slower speed compared to other vessels helps reduce water resistance and safe energy. The ship’s battery has a capacity 3,000 kWh, and because it does not need room for a crew, there is more storage capacity. The concept-ship is still being tested.

Peugeot 208 Hybrid Air: The concept car, which will feature a hybrid drive using compressed air as energy storage, will be shown at the Paris Motor Show. Additionally to the changed drivetrain, the 5-seater now only weighs 860 kg thanks to the use of carbon composites in certain parts.

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